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Judiciary Committee – Week 3, 2022

January 27, 2022 Senate Staff Blog, Judiciary Committee, Votes 0

SSB 3023 – State court administrator’s salary

SSB 3023 eliminates discrepancies in Iowa Code that cause confusion over the authority to alter the State Court Administrator’s salary. References to a set salary range or the governor or the Attorney General’s authority to set the State Court Administrator’s salary are removed, and the Supreme Court’s authority is further clarified.

This is part of the judiciary’s affirmative legislative agenda. The concern is that the rules limit salary range, which is not the intent of the individual pieces of legislation. [1/26/22: 10-5, party line]

SSB 3019 – Allowing emergency vehicles and others to enforce “move over” traffic laws

SSB 3019 takes the rules associated with citations for passing stopped school busses and applies them to other vehicles. In short, if an emergency, towing, maintenance, construction or collection vehicle observes a violation (i.e., a vehicle passing too closely or speeding next to a stationary vehicle), they can submit a report to a peace officer. The peace officer will investigate to determine the accuracy of the report and ascertain the driver. [1/26/22: 10-5, party line]

SF 2014 – Ending non-partisan nomination commissions for associate district judges

SF 2014 removes the senior judge of the district as chairperson of their districts’ nominating committee. It replaces that judge with an additional gubernatorial commissioner, increasing their number from five to six. while leaving the lawyer-commissioners at five. In addition, the chairperson would be elected by majority vote among the commissioners (the majority of whom are nominated by the governor). [1/26/22: 10-5, party line]