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Emily Thiroux Threatt: Helping to cope with grief

Emily Thiroux

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Everyone will experience grief in their life. What is important is to embrace it and ensure that you deal with it constructively and effectively.

It’s about living and working through your grief, not being forced to move forward even though you aren’t emotionally coping with it. You don’t have to do any particular thing in any particular order.”
— Emily Thiroux Threatt
MAKAWAO, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2022 / -- It is a certainty that everyone will experience grief or loss at some stage in life. Therefore, there is no shame in asking for help when faced with suffering. Hawaii-based grief expert Emily Thiroux Threatt is the author of the book Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief and a speaker on topics related to grief and loss.

Thiroux Threatt derives her passion from being able to comfort and support people who need help dealing with grief.

Thiroux Threatt’s life experiences have influenced her expertise, including personal tragedy. Grieving is natural, and it’s best to let your emotions out naturally rather than try and toughen yourself up to avoid dealing with them.

“I show people methods that they can use to help them develop ways to remember to be happy and ways to deal with their grief. I help them deal with issues as they arise because new stuff comes up all the time. I’ve also developed a program called The Grief and Happiness Alliance. This group meets online every week where we learn writing projects to deal with grief, and I teach happiness practices,” said Thiroux Threatt while speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha.

It is essential to gain support around you when you are grieving to ensure that the situation will improve. Sometimes grief can seem like it will never end, so before seeing clients individually, Thiroux Threatt aims to introduce them to peer support groups.

“I like to emphasize peer support from the group. When they come to the group, they sit and get into the spirit of what is going on. I give them a writing topic and they talk to each other about their experience of the topic. That’s when they find out that they are not the only people who feel that way. There are others experiencing similar emotions, and this allows for deep conversations,” said Thiroux Threatt.

Due to the complicated nature of the emotions people experience when grieving, misunderstandings and anger are common. It is not unusual for people to have disagreements during this time or have conflicts during misunderstandings.

Each chapter of Thiroux Threatt’s book gives the reader an insight into how they can constructively deal with the grieving process in a healthy way.

“Each chapter of the book is on a different subject. For example, there is a chapter on forgiveness. Sometimes comments from those around us may come across as rude even though they were never intended in that way. At the end of the chapter, an exercise helps the reader handle these situations or experiences. People have told me they find this helpful; you don’t need to read it cover to cover, you can just refer to the chapter you need to deal with what you are experiencing,” said Thiroux Threatt.

The book is available from bookstores and via Amazon, as well as other online sources should you wish to purchase it online.

There are various stages of the grieving process, with the exact number being the subject of debate. However, Thiroux Threatt believes that it’s essential to handle things in the moment while grieving. One must strive to do whatever will help them individually at that particular point in time.

“It’s about living and working through your grief, not being forced to move forward even though you aren’t emotionally coping with it. You don’t have to do any particular thing in any particular order. You need to do whatever will help you at that moment, whatever it is, regardless of whether it is on a list or not,” said Thiroux Threatt.

If you want to benefit from Thiroux Threatt’s wealth of wisdom and knowledge on grief, you can listen to her “Grief & Happiness” podcast on streaming platforms.

Emily Thiroux Threatt
Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief
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