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Pipeline Medical Becomes Official Distributor of Saliva Based Rapid Antigen Kits

Clear Health Pass 5 Minute Saliva Test

Clear Health Pass 5 Minute Saliva Test Distributed by Pipeline Medical

This new test saves frequent travelers and employers lot of time. Once the saliva is collected, the device changes color, letting you know of the COVID-19 status of the patient within 5 minutes. ”
— Pipeline Medical
EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2022 / -- Pipeline Medical, a medical supply aggregate in New Jersey, is now one of the official distributors of Clear Health Pass, a saliva based rapid antigen test that delivers results in 5 minutes.

Now available both online and over the counter and in local pharmacies thanks to Pipeline Medical, the new SARS-COV-2 rapid antigen test by Clear Health Pass promises greater detection capabilities. Data from clinical research has shown this test can detect multiple strains of COVID with 97.1% sensitivity. This is a major milestone in the world’s struggle against COVID-19 because, in the last fall, testing sensitivity took a major hit due to staff turnover.

Having unskilled or self-trained staff administer nasopharyngeal tests can diminish testing sensitivity by a drastic margin. But with this new kit, anyone can test themselves at home and receive a 99.13% accurate report of COVID status.

To make life easier in a time of vaccine and testing mandates, Clear Health Pass also provides a seamless way to share official vaccination and test results with employers, or for air travel.

The Omicron variant has taken all of the world’s public health defense infrastructures a few steps back in their concerted effort against the COVID-19 pandemic, despite having come a long way since 2020. Testing kits that had only recently been updated to detect the Delta variant and have now been rendered futile due to the unique challenges the new variant poses.

Medical companies are now no stranger to public health crises and have responded even faster this time, with a better, more qualitative detection test.
Pipeline Medical is currently managing daily COVID-19 testing for 100+ locations across the United States, facilitating return to normalcy for several schools, businesses, and organisations.

COVID-19 Test Gives Results by showing Change in Color

This new test saves frequent travelers and employers lot of time and money. Once the saliva sample has been collected, the device changes color, letting you know of the positive or negative status of the patient within 5 minutes.

“We’re currently managing thousands of COVID-19 tests on a weekly basis, and the saliva based test is extremely important at this stage. Various age groups have an uncomfortable reaction to the current tests. The quick turnaround of these tests means more people will be open to testing and get back to normal, faster.” said Zachary Ducharme, CEO, Pipeline Medical.

This pandemic has come with surprises at every moment and this quick test is a great way to prevent further spread.
These tests are currently on pre-order by special request to

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