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UReach and Solomon Team Up to Launch a Fully Automated NVMe SSD Duplicator

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U-Reach Duplicator with Solomon Robotic Arm

U-Reach Duplicator with Solomon Robotic Arm

CHINO, CA, USA, January 31, 2022 / -- With the advent of the AI era, the world is setting off a revolutionary whirlwind of industry changes, and UReach Inc., together with Solomon Technology, launched the world's first fully automated NVMe SSD duplicator that combines an automated robotic arm and 3D vision technology to revolutionize the duplication industry.

Through the AI’s machine learning capabilities, the duplicator and robotic arm can quickly and accurately complete SSD reading and writing tests and perform complex data copying operations. By replacing manpower with a high degree of automation, it not only streamlines labor and reduces costs, but also decreases human error and significantly improves the quality and production efficiency of industrial control system factories.

Technology Leadership and Process Optimization Toward Smart Manufacturing

The advantage of UReach technology lies in avoiding the computer modification architecture adopted by the industry and insisting on developing special duplicators based on native protocols. In the burgeoning Industry 4.0 era, smart manufacturing is paramount in the industry, and data processing equipment that can handle reading and writing colossal amounts of data quickly and accurately will be a key component of this generation.

UReach collaborated with Solomon, who combines robotic arms with artificial intelligence and 3D vision technology to improve the efficiency of the duplicators and enhance productivity. This technology will effectively reduce the M.2 NVMe SSD manufacturing process, improve manpower allocation, and optimize the machine operation training and more. We are moving toward the goal of "smart manufacturing" with a highly automated and intelligent process.

In automating the insertion procedure, the setup can quickly and consistently insert drives into the duplicator. Insertions with too much force, angled insertions, or incorrect insertions can lead to damaged SSDs or sockets, longer production time, and reduced equipment longevity. Eliminating human error from the equation increases the accuracy and stability of the machine while reducing manufacturing costs.

Production Solutions are Upgraded to Maximize Profits

In addition, UReach has upgraded the NVMe duplicator production solution. Users can transfer data through the cloud for mass copying, which improves the past procedure of data calibration of the master source. In terms of software application, it solves the network bandwidth issues during mass production, and after the production is completed, the production yield and production quantity are calculated simultaneously. The whole process is executed in a fully automated way, from efficiency to effectiveness, to create more profit and value for the enterprise.

About U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc

U-Reach Group officially formed in 2002 in Taiwan and expanded globally to provide cutting-edge solutions to the rest of the world. With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization and covers DVD, Flash, HDD, SSDs, and M.2 SSDs.

In 2012, we formed U-Reach Data Solutions Inc in California to support our valued customers and to offer versatile product lines. We are committed to continually delivering efficient and secure experiences for our users.

Our "Just-Right Solutions" have been adopted by many leading manufacturers and companies in the semiconductor IC field, electronic foundries, military and government institutions, medical and healthcare centers, schools and research institutes, film production and entertainment industries. To date, U-Reach has become the designated supplier for many semiconductor IC factories.

About Solomon

Solomon is currently the world's only 3D vision technology supplier that provides an open, "one-stop" solution, from 3D scanner R&D and manufacturing to software-side 3D point cloud processing, rapid comparison calculations, AI intelligent judgment of object features, and arm collision avoidance, as well as motion control, all independently developed by their internal research team. It is also the only 3D vision system on the market that can be linked to most world-class arm brands. At the 2018 Taipei Automation Show, Solomon’s auto arm combined with AI and 3D became the biggest hit of the exhibition. Many enterprises, academia, robotic arm manufacturers, end-users, media, and exhibition visitors were all impressed by the performance of Solomon's robots, which seemingly had "a brain and eyes".


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