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ModiCoin- Registration to the Largest PreSale of the Decade are Now Open

Register now for ModiCoin Presale

ModiCoin has finally started its registration for the private sale happening on 6th Feb 2022, 9 AM IST.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, January 27, 2022 / -- Blockchain technology has introduced a new process to the world. An ultra-modern vision towards technology that has enhanced crucial factors of privacy and proficiency.

With the advent of Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrencies have ruled the market. Additionally, the world has witnessed an uncertain dimension that has though promoted a healthier and more efficient payment system, but at the same time given birth to unknown risks.

To overcome the above consequences, ModiCoin has been invented. It is a pioneering technology that carries the strength to revolutionize the way people interact in the ecosystem.

Credibility and Authenticity are the two major reasons behind the innovation.

Registrations to ModiCoin’s private sale are now open. A calculated and critical pathway has been developed to ascertain a regulated circulation. One should not miss out on this revolutionary token model.

ModiCoin- A Revolutionary Token Model

It is an organically developed architecture that promises stable returns and a predictable ever-growing market. As rewarding as the token currency is, it claims to create ripples in the history of the payment integration system. The evolution of the economy into a trailblazing environment that possesses the potential to develop the way people trade and invest in digital assets is what ModiCoin promises.

It has put forth numerous opportunities, paving the way to a more flexible, proficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem. Users incline towards businesses that are better transparent in their transactions. And the aim of ModiCoin has always been to deliver your brand improved credibility and reputation.

How to participate in the Private Sale of ModiCoin?
No one can participate in the Private Sale without registration. Your Binance account should be at least one day old in order to participate in ModiCoin’s Private Sale. Follow these steps to participate in the ModiCoin Private Sale.

The Timings are as follows along with respective time zones:

6th February 2022
03.30 Am (Universal Standard Time)
09.00 Am (Indian Standard Time)
02.30 Pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
04.30 Pm (New Zealand Daylight Time)

5th February 2022
08.30 Pm (New York, US, EST)
08.30 Pm (Toronto, CA)

ModiCoin has developed an intricate procedure with utter precaution so as to prevent fraudulent activities and manipulations. Our strategically designed framework ensures a stable and organized market for the currency with negligible risks.

Your tokens are also subject to token vesting with Unicrypt. Under this, a linear lock shall be strictly applied. This promises the stakeholders value of their investments.
The lock shall be valid for a period of 10 months and every month, 10% of the token holding shall be unlocked. This unlocked portion will be at the discretion of the investor.

ModiCoin is one of the finest innovations of this era. Advantageous and secure, it is a promising asset that delivers value to stakeholders in terms of rewards and steady returns. The economic token model is driven by the interests of the community, making it an extremely safe space for token aficionados.

Registrations are now open to the private sale of this high-tech economic token currency. Register and be a part of a futuristic vision that believes in furtherance and humanity. The economic structure of ModiCoin promises to form the backbone of an avant-garde world of technology.

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