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René Brunt, CEO, and Founder of Ubunye is propelling the world towards digital transformation

Migrate, transform and evolve

Rene Brunt - CEO and Founder

To transform you need to take a holistic approach and review your technology, data, processes, and ability for overall organisational change.

Change is inevitable, you need to migrate, transform and evolve to stay ahead of the curb”
— René Brunt

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, January 28, 2022 / -- Brunt was born in the Netherlands over 5 decades ago. He firmly believes that his heritage, upbringing, and truthful influencers throughout his life have played a pivotal role in shaping who he is today and contributed to his success. His business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, insight, and early adoption to drive innovation enabled him to establish himself as a trusted, respected businessman amongst his peers and business partners.

From a young age, Brunt had a passion to drive efficiencies, streamline and automate processes, and was always intrigued at how it influenced the outcome of whatever project he tackled. Later in life as an established businessman, it bloomed into a fascination with how digitalization and transformation could effectively impact positively on the bottom line of an organisation. When a business transforms to digitalization, they need to take a holistic approach and review their technology, data, processes, and ability for overall organisational change. These work hand in hand to drive a business forward to excel in their respective fields therefore adapting to all of the above is crucial.

Brunt’s burning desire to be able to offer all companies a Document Management Solution that can capture, archive, and retrieve their documents seamlessly and effortlessly led to the birth of ScannerVision over a decade ago. The company evolved rapidly and soon other products such as aivika and DocVolante was launched, and a holdings company was formed called Ubunye. Throughout the years Brunt’s passion and vision to enable smaller companies to automate and streamline their processes have grown even stronger.

Ubunye recently launched an impact vertical to support organisations involved in the social and green economy. The motivation for the establishment of the vertical was a recognition of the broadening digital divide that exists between different levels of society but also at an organisation level between traditional corporate entities and social or sustainability focussed organisations.

At heart Brunt is an entrepreneur and he understands the challenges that small businesses have especially when trying to establish or position themselves in an industry that is already saturated with established brands. Brunt believes that the only thing definite is change and if you are unable to adapt to an ever-changing environment you restrict and limit yourself. It was therefore only the natural transgression for the Ubunye as a business to entrench themselves deeper into driving digital transformation globally and Brunt is proud to launch his new venture that will propel the world towards digital transformation.

Brunt further states that while the Covid-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse of what is possible and nudged several organisations further down the road towards 4IR, it is clear that progress remains too slow. The Covid pandemic has been a huge catalyst to drive innovation, digitalization, and transformation as a business had to adapt to doing business in a digital way when they were no longer able to do it face to face.

According to a study done by Harvard Business Review, a majority of 95% of global leaders surveyed said that the digital transformation has taken on more importance in the last 12 months, most likely because of the pandemic.

The propelling the world towards digital transformation initiative will be launched in South Africa in early March 2022 with existing Partners, which will at a later stage be extended to Government Departments and NGOs. It will involve Ubunye sponsoring free licenses to their Partners to encourage digitalization and optimization within their customer’s businesses. The sponsorship is twofold, it not only allows our Partners to strengthen their relationships with their customers and encourage driving innovation and a better future 2gether. It also demonstrates the commitment Ubunye has towards propelling digital transformation within smaller businesses in desperate need to transform their workspace and adopt digitalization but do not have the means to. The idea would be, to then soon, extend the propelling the world towards digital transformation footprint globally.

Brunt is ecstatic about what the future holds in store for Ubunye, its Partners, businesses across the globe, and local communities. He believes his investment to propel the world towards digital transformation will benefit generations to come. The rewards of getting it right are irresistible; the opportunity for us to reach and impact on the lives of millions through the organisations that are providing such essential services across the globe.

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