Vegan Certified Fashion is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry #BeVeg

Vegan Certified Fashion is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry #BeVeg

The global vegan fashion market is expected to be an almost $40 billion industry by 2025.

The global vegan fashion market is expected to grow to be an almost $40 billion industry by 2025.”
—’s Fast Fashion Global Market Report 2021
PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2022 / -- According to:’s Fast Fashion Global Market Report 2021, the global vegan fashion market is expected to grow to be an almost $40 billion industry by 2025.

There’s no doubt, the market for vegan fashion and textiles is on the rise, as sustainable materials and methods are demanded. As vegan-friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free materials replace animal based substrates in some of the largest globally known brands, the fashion industry adjusts. For example, faux leather is often made out of pineapples, hand bags made out of mango, and sportswear made out of recycled materials.

Even some of the biggest named sportswear companies like, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, are using recycled materials, vegan leather, and vegan dyes to make their ethically made, sustainable, final BeVeg certified vegan product. In fact, many of these brands rely on BeVeg certified vegan manufacturing facilities for these raw materials like recently certified vegan by BeVeg, Daewon Chemical Co., which has three manufacturing plants globally.

Another big driver for vegan fashion popularity are celebrities. Celebrity vegan fashion lines are launching daily. For example, Martha Stewart has launched a vegan shoe collection, Serena Williams a vegan clothing line, Kylie Jenner launched a vegan baby products line, Billie Eillish launched a vegan shoe line with Nike, and Mercedes Benz is launching vegan leather lines at the request of race car champion Lewis Hamilton, to name a few.

As the fashion industry reinvents itself, who holds these fashion powerhouses and multinational corporations accountable for their vegan label claims? BeVeg keeps vegan fashion industry practices, and the supply chain accountable.

BeVeg is the world’s first and only ISO accredited vegan label trademark and standard that requires compulsory audits and/or lab testing to ensure truth and transparency of process. The time has come where the consumer wants ethically packaged foods and ethically made products. BeVeg is the only vegan trademark and standard in the world that can warrant and enforce vegan integrity. BeVeg is recognized by the world accreditation community for its technical vegan standard, which was penned by lawyers and industry experts to help ensure vegan claims meet consumer expectations. After all, that is why consumer protection laws are in place.

Vegan means plant-based and cruelty-free. Cruelty-free does not mean vegan or plant-based. It means, not tested on animals. Plant-based does not mean vegan or cruelty-free, it means mostly based in plants. If you’re looking for the most credible, pure, sustainable and compassionate option, ask for, demand, shop and choose BeVeg, the world’s leading vegan certification standard.

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