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GK-GermKiller® Products are proven effective against New COVID-19 Variants

SINGAPORE, January 24, 2022 / -- GK-GermKiller® GK Air™, GK-GermKiller® GK Surface™ and GK-GermKiller® GK Concentrate™ have been tested against actual SARS-Cov-2 strain identified as “Isolate USA-WA1/2020” which was isolated from an oropharyngeal swab of a COVID-19 patient in the USA. To ensure the testing adhered to internationally-accepted protocols, the US EPA product performance test guideline ASTM E1053 (2) was implemented by a certified US laboratory. The GK-GermKiller® products have shown excellent efficacy against Covid-19 virus.

These results remain valid for all mutated Covid-19 virus strains identified. This includes the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omicron Variant. In line with the advisory of the US EPA1, the US CDC2, and the European CDC3, genetic changes to the virus do not impact the efficacy of disinfectants.

On 26th November 2021, the World Health Organization classified omicron as a variant of concern. It was first detected in South Africa and the available information regarding this variant is rapidly changing. Omicron is not the first variant of COVID-19 virus. Viruses constantly change through mutation and new variants emerge as a result of these mutations. Some variants spread more easily and quicker than other variants, which may lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases. A variant will be considered a Variant of Concern (VOC) based on how easily the variant spreads, how severe the symptoms are, how the variant responds to treatments, and how effective vaccines protect against the variant. Below is a table to summarise the currently identified variants of concern (VOCs)4.

GK-GermKiller®’s ability to kill COVID-19 is related to the chemical make-up of the virus as it chemically inactivates viruses. The difficulty of inactivating a virus depends on its physical features and the recent variants of Covid-19 still possess the basic physical properties of being an enveloped virus. The lipid envelope that surrounds the COVID-19 virus and all other enveloped viruses can be easily attacked by GK-GermKiller® due to the optimised formulation with the active ingredient. The virus will therefore be inactivated regardless of the changes of the amino acids (as shown in the table above) on the surface of the viruses. In other words, despite having mutated variations in the surface structure, the different COVID-19 variants remain powerless against GK-GermKiller’s chemical attack.

Methods of COVID-19 prevention remain the same for Omicron or any other COVD-19 variants:
- Get vaccinated (and get a booster if one is eligible)
- Get tested if one has symptoms
- Wear a well-fitting mask in public places
- Choose outdoors over indoors whenever possible
- Wash one’s hands with soap and water frequently
- Practice social distancing
- Disinfect high-touch surfaces
- GK-GermKiller® disinfectants have been in the market for almost a decade and are equally effective against the different SARS-CoV-2 variants. The disinfectants are used across various sectors like medical, airlines, schools, and other hygiene-sensitive areas. Despite being certified hospital-grade disinfectants, they are formulated to be suitable to be used frequently in homes and offices alike.


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