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UBUNYE revolutionizes digital migration and transformation for the green and social economy

Rene Brunt - CEO and Founder

Ubunye is launching an impact vertical to support organisations involved in the social and green economy.

2gether propelling the world to digital transformation”
— René Brunt

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, January 19, 2022 / -- The intent is to provide a suite of products and services that will enable a process of digital migration, transformation and evolution for those organisations that are committed to positive social and environmental change.

The motivation for the establishment of the vertical was a recognition of the broadening digital divide that exists between different levels of society but also at an organisation level between traditional corporates entities and social or sustainability focussed organisations. Traditionally these organisations have had little or no access to the technologies that they need to support their objectives.

This new division within Ubunye brings together the collective capabilities of Ubunye and Capacitate Social Solutions, a social enterprise that has been working in the impact sector for over ten years. The initiative aims to combine Capacitate’s experience across the green and social economies with the innovative technologies offered by Ubunye to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to civil society. Headed up by Jason Bygate, a committed impact technologist and social entrepreneur with over two decades of experience supporting organisations across the sector.

Jason is excited to be driving the initiative with the Ubunye and Capacitate team.

While our focus is on supporting organisations, we hope that by strengthening the capabilities of these organisations, we will be contributing towards driving positive change in all the communities in which our partners operate.

Serving as the foundation for this new vertical is the full Ubunye product suite that includes ScannerVision™, Aivika and DocVolante. The products will allow partners and clients to begin their journey to migrate from paper-based assets into digital assets, transform assets into actionable data and manage storage and access to these assets flexibly and securely.

Working with the Capacitate team, we aim to expand the solution offering to include various other platform capabilities that will help organisations to optimise their impact.

In addition to the product roadmap, Ubunye DU will establish a service layer with its existing global partner network to help clients manage and optimise their digital migration, transformation, and evolution using the product suite. We recognise that bridging the digital divide is not just about providing access to the right tools, but also building the right skills to put these tools to use. DU services will help clients and partners to understand their specific needs and implement the most appropriate solution to meet these needs.

Our strategy for this new division is to follow a multistage process, starting with digital migration to help organisations convert paper-based assets into digital ones, then moving on to digital transformation where these assets are managed and shared to streamline internal processes. The final stage is that of digital evolution. The existing and future Ubunye and Capacitate product suite will help organisations leverage technology to build intelligent processes that are efficient, effective, scalable, and optimised for impact.

We recognise that the digital challenges that organisations face may differ from one context to the next and see our channel partners as playing a pivotal role in providing local understanding and support for the new vertical. We also see this as an opportunity for Ubunye, our channel partners and clients, to give back to the communities in which they operate. We will be launching a programme to build closer relationships between commercial partners and local organisations focused on social impact. We hope to strengthen existing channel initiatives and provide a platform for leveraging the product suite to support local organisations.

Ubunye is committed to a sustainable, equitable future where good business is about delivering balanced value – commercial, social and environmental. We believe that the future of business is about more than just maximising profits but rather is about building relationships and creating technologies that can unlock value for businesses and the communities they serve.

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