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Liberty Consultants and KW Cares of St. Louis Team to Help the Military and More

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Liberty Lending offers VA loans

Keller Williams and Liberty Consultants give back by running a charity. They help soldiers, natural disaster victims, and those without clean drinking water.

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2022 / -- St. Louis, Missouri - Liberty Consultants continues to donate funds to the charity group KW Cares, a local nonprofit in St. Louis. KW Cares helps by offering assistance and financial help during disasters and emergencies. Although it started small, the charity now draws support from donations all across the country. The charity even acquired 503 status. This gives them the option of accepting donations in place of those who need help. They then offer that assistance to those in need. KW Cares has found the majority of its recipients to be victims of natural disasters. Large storms, uncontrolled wildfires, and droughts generate the most need.

There are a total of three entities that draw funds from KW Cares. Homes For Our Troops is the first one. A large number of citizens joined the military after September 11th. This charity donates homes to these veterans. The second cause is Ryan’s Well. This entity provides clean water in countries that need access to clean, safe water. The third group is MD Anderson Cancer Center. MD Anderson is a collection of smaller programs that share the same goal: curing cancer.

The IRS only gives a 503 status to groups that are trustworthy. The groups must also be making a quantifiable difference to earn the tax break. By extension, donations to KW cares are tax-deductible, so contributors can take advantage when they support the Liberty Consulting or KW Cares cause. The two companies, Liberty Consultants and Keller Willams, became very successful after they decided to combine their efforts. Together, they have access to more donors and can make a much bigger, better difference. To find more information about the KW Cares charity or either St. Louis-based consulting company, find the appropriate link on the Liberty Consultant Facebook page.

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