A corporate training company is assisting supervisors in taking the next step and developing their leadership abilities

Addison Solutions Academy

Addison Solutions Academy

Learn how to enhance your leadership skills or the skills of your team

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Addison Solutions Academy is pleased to introduce its advanced corporate training course entitled, Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Management. This one-of-a-kind workshop is a comprehensive management and leadership training that will assist participants in gaining the knowledge and skills required to become better leaders. Participants will leave this workshop with a new skill set that they can immediately utilize in the workplace.

According to Addison Solutions, "supervisors play a vital role in the workplace as they are a crucial link between an organization's mission, employees, and executives. Many supervisors do not have leadership experience but have the abundant technical experience to understand their employees' jobs." The Addison Solutions team has designed a one-day workshop for supervisors to learn how to maximize time by prioritizing and planning, determining an individual's preferred leadership style, developing the ability to use a variety of leadership styles, and determining how to use collaboration and coaching to meet the needs of staff and coworkers.

It is not every day that managers and supervisors get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills before taking on leadership responsibilities. The technical skills and abilities that make an individual a valued asset as a non-supervisor may not be enough to make a great manager or supervisor. The innovative Leadership Skills for Supervisors course is a hands-on, engaging, interactive training designed to develop and support strong leaders. Top-tier trainers from Addison Solutions Academy will assist and teach participants in various areas, including analyzing their leadership style, recognizing their personality type, managing time effectively, dealing with conflict, and learning the qualities of great leaders.

Addison Solutions Academy, a corporate training industry innovator, tailors the day-long program to meet specific goals. Furthermore, the Addison Solutions Academy team ensures that an experienced trainer leads the workshop, that the class size is small and participatory, and that all workshop materials are provided. Leadership Skills for Supervisors, their most recent addition to their broad array of corporate training courses, illustrates its commitment to providing the most current and cost-effective corporate training courses. Addison Solutions Academy recognizes the value of employee development, and as their motto states, they are "bridging skill gaps, one workshop at a time."

About Addison Solutions Academy: The essence of Addison Solutions Academy is innovative corporate training. The company, headquartered in Clinton, Maryland, is a pioneer in the industry, employing high-quality interactive and engaging training approaches to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to develop and achieve their personal and corporate missions. The company offers several creative group courses, including their Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Management. Business leaders, human resource professionals, and training specialists can rapidly request group training through their straightforward registration process.

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