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Private Investigator Finds Missing Person of Over 20 Years—Just Minutes After Commencing Their Search

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A grandmother's struggle of over 20 years to find her granddaughter ends just 20 minutes after hiring this private investigator.

I was able to locate her and contact her within 20 minutes. I am humbled to say that it was a very happy and emotional experience.”
— Matthew Reynolds, Private Investigator
FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2022 / -- The National Missing and Unidentified Person database—which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice—reveals that more than 600,000 persons go missing every year. Though there are still many persons out there that have not been found, there have been some highly successful missing person cases recently resolved by trained private investigators.

One family was reunited on September 28, 2021, through the help of One Stone Investigative Group. In this case, a grandmother had lost communication with her granddaughter and had been trying to locate her for over 22 years. She had tried everything but was unable to get in touch with her granddaughter for just over two decades.

This grandmother first lost contact with her granddaughter when her son— who was also the father of her granddaughter—lost his life in a tragic accident.
To make matters more complicated, the widow of the deceased moved the granddaughter across the country to California. The widowed mother of the child was providing false information to her mother-in-law and telling her to stop the search because her granddaughter was allegedly dead. The distraught grandmother sought out a private investigator for help.

Investigator Matthew Reynolds, Owner of One Stone Investigative Group, was hired by the grandmother in hopes of being able to find her granddaughter again, and the results were virtually instant. Within 20 minutes, Investigator Reynolds was able to track down the missing granddaughter and locate her over 2,800 miles away across the country in Fresno CA.

“I was able to locate her and contact her within 20 minutes. I am humbled to say that it was a very happy and emotional experience. Since the reunion, the newly connected family members and the office staff have kept in close touch and plan to all meet later in the year.” Says Investigator Matthew Reynolds, Owner of One Stone Investigative Group.

Anyone who loses a loved one and is unable to locate them despite their best efforts, can improve their chances of success and make their life a lot easier by getting the help of a professional investigative service. Private investigators are professionally trained and have the experience necessary to maximize the chances of finding a loved one who has gone missing.

Reconnecting with Family Members Through the Help of a Private Investigator

There are few things as scary as a loved one disappearing. As unfortunate as this is, such events do occur regularly, and when they do take place, concerned family members always have the option of contacting the police or a private investigator. Connecting with a professional detective is the best course of action to make sure that every measure is exhausted to bring their family member back home.

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