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What is DAO MINH QUAN Spirit?

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December 31, 2021

Dear all Generals, Delegates, Comrades in PNGVN-The Third RVN!

Dear compatriots!

Today is the last day of the year, and time passed too fast. Our Government has served the compatriots for more than 31 years. Instead of making a report, the Permanent Standing Office would like to base on the document "The Call" from the National Strategic Command and the Domestic Resistance Forces announced on August 4, 2021, to present to the compatriots and the Officials our crudeness thoughts and feelings.
We are looking forward to being enthusiastically received by everyone.

Ladies and Gentlemen and friends!

The current state of the world is being turned in black and white by the Communist threat. Even the patriotism, the morale of respecting the law, the heroic temperament of the people are being tarnished by the dishonest media and the writers who sell words for a living. Taking advantage of the weaknesses of Capitalism and Communism, they created a so-called "Practical Theory" intending to bring humanity into the material and money slavery and forget about human conscience and integrity.

In Vietnam, society is entirely controlled by the Communists, who are just the scum of society, the Chinese minions, and uneducated. They naturally cannot run the country like a government with their atheistic nature, no humanity and no reputation, plus available evil tricks, theft, and fraud. They only use the inhuman, classless, and lawless police to control the people. They have turned our country into a model of a NEW SOCIALIST COLONIAL. In the city with lavish villas and luxurious restaurants, there are indignity entertainers to serve the corrupt officers and their descendants, along with foreign guests, while most people are miserable like a herd of slaves, selling their bodies, selling their strength to feed their mouths. To approve slavery work offshore or being sold as prostitutes to foreigners, they must bribe and rival like a "Grace favor". The apartment buildings owned by the communists were vacant while people were sleeping in the cemetery, under bridges, under trees, and on the street everywhere but not daring to complain or not daring to speak to others.

The reality of Vietnamese society is so bad that it cannot be hidden anymore, so the dishonest media use many very cunning tricks to cover or misguide the people. These crooks also brought up social ills, defended the activists, and condemned the authorities' mistakes. However, if we take the time to analyze their work, we will immediately see the truth behind them.

For example, recently, the media brought up the story of a stepmother beating her 3-year-old to death in District 1, Saigon, which would never happen under the Republic of Vietnam. After decrying the communists, the media then brought up a worse story in Africa, where society is still under civilized for people to compare to mislead the people's thinking to calm them down. Secondly, the media spoke up for domestic activists to mobilize the audience for support. But when they intervened, the media only mentioned the policemen and Communist Party members who pretended to be an activist to get the process of VISA to go to America to spy. As they took advantage of the case of Priests Nguyen Van Ly, Phan Van Loi... they campaigned for Vietnamese communist criminal police like Ta Phong Tan, Dieu Cay... to come to the US. Remember, reporters and broadcasters in Vietnamese who work for VOA, BBC, RFA, and RFI are descendants of the Communist Party of Vietnam, or the majority of their writers are unscrupulous academics who only know money first.
If anyone has a little bit of peace of mind, they must also realize that: Robbery and murder are a Communist, imprisoning people is a communist, a judge is a communist, a procuratorate or a committee is a communist, all TENCHS ARE ALIKE, all WOLFS HAVE THE SAME ROOT. Everything is a net, a fishing basket overlay on the people's heads. The invasion and domination of atheist communists, along with their barbaric repression, has been filled with crime and have spread over Vietnam's homeland for nearly a century. It seems like our people will never get out of it.

Therefore, Vietnam desperately needs a patriotic leader, loves the people, has the knowledge, knows how to make sacrifices, shares passion and suffering, is full of enthusiasm, moral and sincere, knows how to change from tragedy into strength to relight the faith of the people after nearly a century of being covered by the cloud of communism over the homeland. That person must know PEOPLE IS FIRST – TERRITORY IS SECOND – KINGDOM IS THIRD, be patient, and be loved, respected, and endured by the people to revive the strength of unity of the people. Today, almost everyone begins to recognize a talented and virtuous ANGEL who could help our country quell the threat of Communism to REGAIN ANCESTRAL LAND, revive the race, and bring peace and happiness to the people. That person is no other than IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN.

He is not only an Angel of God bringing the light of justice, peace and hopes to our nation, but he is also a faith of love, an Angel that protects us from the attack of humanity from the red devil anytime and anywhere. He is the teacher devoted to patience, supporting, teaching, and helping us discern between truth and lies. He is helping us to differentiate between RIGHT verse WRONG - KIND verse WICKED – RIGHTEOUSNESS verse EVIL to cleanse us from the darkness and confusion of communist evil doctrine, and helping us to restore the patriotic tradition, the indomitable spirit, the heroism of our ancestors, and the moral ties to more than 4000-year-old civilization of the Dai Viet people.

He is offering us many priceless treasures of love, wisdom, wisdom-in-heart and confidence through Theory of New Democracy, the strategy of UPHOLD TRUTH-OVERTURN COMMUNIST to lead us into the psychological Revolution with the purpose: REGAIN ANCESTRAL LAND, the Salvation: END POPULACE SUFFERING, the Policy: VIETNAM COMMUNIST QUIT COMMUNIST STILL VIETNAM, and the Commitment: VIETNAM WILL NOT KILL VIETNAM. He has given us valuable lessons to restore Vietnamese morality through the Seven Lessons of Being a Righteous Person, the Thirteen Awakenings, the Basic Executive Instruction, and the ways to be a Good Public Servant for the People. He is also humanizing the unscrupulous Vietnamese Communist security and police officers to turn them into honest, loving people to think back and realize the mistake of stopping suffering people in every way, committing crimes, and killing good people.

Not only that, but he also put his heart into training the members of the Government to learn the spirit of Dao Minh Quan to help the people, save the country, and rebuild the nation. His companions are being forged from mind to spirit and from thinking to reasoning and practice wonderfully and intelligently. Ordinary gentle, and honest people are becoming intellectual orators with fiery love hearts full of humanity. They speak powerfully on the media of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam - The Republic of Vietnam the Third like CỤC DÂN VẬN, TRUYỀN THÔNG CÔNG LÝ, DUY THẬT LẬT CỘNG, ĐOÀN NỮ QUÂN NHÂN QLVNCH, HỘI PHỤ NỮ VNTDC TOÀN CẦU, với THẤT ĐẠI HÙNG TINH và THẬP BÁT TÚ forming invisible spiritual waves and full of power, and making the Communist lose their minds and fear.

Then, what is the Spirit of Dao Minh Quan? Could it be below:

Ardent patriotism
Abundant love for humanity
Selfless spirit, patience, boundless service.

Are not there more than 300 international newspapers praising his merits, and the US and international media themselves have also published the outstanding achievements of the PNGVN-RVN The Third?

Has the website surpassed one Million one hundred fifty-three thousand one hundred and sixty-two (1,153,162) registered and the system has more than ten (10) Million of Vietnamese people around the world voted for him to be the President of the Republic of Vietnam? These things prove that people's hearts turn to IMPERIAL DUKE DAO MINH QUAN.

As we all know, even the dishonest media cover it up; however, the achievements and victories of the New Democracy of Vietnam Movement of the PNGVN, in the past and present, together with the biography of the IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT DAO MINH QUAN, have spoken brilliantly of the Talents, Virtue, and Wisdom of his lead. Not only in the history of modern Vietnam but also in the history of the world. Almost no one can compare. We want to cite a few typical cases as follow:

1- In the line-of-fire battlefield of Quang Tri, the unit under his command did not suffer losses and still preserved its forces until the day of disbanding.

2- The boat VNKG-0602, under his command, crossed the ocean; even though it was attacked and robbed by Thai's pirates 14 times, he still managed to sail the boat safely arrived in Malaysia, and all 524 refugees on board were completely safe.

3- As soon as he arrived in the United States on August 14, 1980, two weeks later, he continued his mission of saving the country by joining the Vietnamese National Force on September 2, 1980. When his family settled down, he founded the New Democracy of Vietnam Movement in 1987 and wrote the Manifesto for the New Democracy Era. He also opened a Community Center in Southern California. When the communists requested to honor Ho Chi Minh at UNESCO in 1989, the entire Vietnamese community protested it and no result. But when the IMPERIAL DUKE stepped in and proposed to compare the fingerprints of Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Ai Quoc to prove the two are not the same, defeat the communist conspiracy to propose UNESCO to honor Ho Chi Minh as an international celebrity in a gentle, scientific way.

4- Just a few years after coming to the United States, he became the owner of two famous companies, DAO COMPUTER and Clone Master. He also became the first millionaire in the Vietnamese community in the world. He was the first and the only Vietnamese recipient to receive the honor of the Republican Host Committee of the United States in 1990.

5- He broke the Chengdu conclave by calling for the successful establishment of the Provisional National Government of Vietnam. After accepting the position of Prime Minister of the PNGVN, he sacrificed all his assets and enthusiasm to help 200,000 Vietnamese in 17 communist refugee camps in Southeast Asia. At the same time, he also established a stele to worship the Five Generals, and the Anonymous Soldiers built the Holy Temple, built the Flagpole Pedestal and a stele commemorating the 58721 US soldiers who died in Vietnam at the base Tu Nghia Duong in the Adelanto desert. He and scientists created the most advanced referendum system in the world.

6- After accepting the position of President, he completed the Constitution of the Republic of Vietnam the Third and successfully convened the First National Assembly. Most importantly, he won the lawsuit for 38 trillion USD against China and the Communist Party of Vietnam, with the International Environmental Court No. ENC201215 on April 14, 2021, is the most significant victory on the planet.
7- The most astonishing thing is that although he has created such unprecedented results, he is always loving, simple, humble, and sincere to everyone. Even though we always consider him a father, a teacher, and a strict Commander, a warm, sympathetic smile is always ready to water the driest souls on his gentle face.

It can be said that FROM THE TIME TODAY, IN THE HISTORICAL LIFE OF VIETNAM AND THE WORLD, NO ONE HAS CREATED SUCH A SUCCESS LIKE IMPERIAL DUKE. Only the hand of the Divine can create such battles. An example of upholding sacrifice, patiently helping the people, saving the country of IMPERIAL DUKE and the Military Officials, Delegates, and Members in the PNGVNLT- RVN the Third is increasingly resplendent with glory, consolidating confidence and firm belief of Vietnamese compatriots. His spirit of sacrifice, tolerance, generosity, and gentle Leadership. Like a sacred torchlight to illuminate how to dismantle the evil communist regime in Vietnam and worldwide. Will bring love, happiness, freedom, and prosperity to our dear Vietnamese compatriots.

It is time for the Vietnamese people and the whole world to know that: the Communist Party of Vietnam captured Saigon on April 30, 1975, not because General Duong Van Minh surrendered, not because the ARVN agreed to give up its guns because of cowardice, but they and the people of the South bravely dropped their guns. After all, they did not want war because they did not want more shedding blood. They let go of their guns so that their homeland would no longer be divided. They let go of their guns because they did not want bombs to fall and bullets to explode. They let go of their guns because of the three (3) words, "Peace for Vietnam". They let go of their guns just because they accepted patience to build a future for generations to come.
However, now, after nearly a century of the ruling, the Communists of Vietnam have clearly shown themselves to be the henchmen of the Chinese invaders, scorning the compatriots, forcing them to oppress the people, so surely the Vietnamese still have the temperament of Forefather, spirit pride of the nation, and the sacred lifeline of the Lac Hong lineage will rise and destroy the Communist regime. We will not let them persecute our people and plough further into the Fatherland.

Just looking at the local Communists. Just a tiny shrimp-like residential group leader, a residential prevention unit could make people bow their heads for many years. With just one ward policeman wearing a red band, he was powerful enough to stop a group of people forcing them to submit papers, but everyone had to stoop to obey orders. Enough to know the Vietnamese Communists were cruel, brutal, and dangerous. Just watch these pictures, we can conclude how they treat the people in the country.

In his hearty letter to us, Imperial Duke taught that:

"Life has a law of cause and effect. There will always be fairness and priority for everyone. We are in control of ourselves. Only we understand who we are. What can be done should be done, no need to be pessimistic because it will not help. Be optimistic and confident; we are theists; remember praying and believing in miracles. The miracle of upward spiritual power will come to those who are sincere. A new day, new happiness is coming to all of you."
We wish everyone peace and diligence.

Best regards
Hue Lam
Provisional National Government of Vietnam
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