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Analog Integrated Circuits Market size is expected to reach USD 681.14 Billion by 2028

Brandessence Market Research

Brandessence Market Research

Analog Integrated Circuits Market Size, Share, Companies & Trends Analysis Report By Type(General-Purpose IC, Application-Specific IC )

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, January 6, 2022 / -- According to Brandessence market research, The Analog Integrated Circuits Market reached a valuation of USD 379.86 billion in 2021. The market is poised to witness significant growth, thanks to growing application in wireless technology, and estimate promise a robust CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period. The analog integrated circuits market is likely to reach USD 681.14 billion in valuation by 2028 end.

Apart from wireless technology, applications like LED indicators in traffic lights, growing data-driven communication systems, and its effective power-savings promise notable growth.

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Analog Integrated Circuits Market: Competitive Analysis

The analog integrated circuits market is a consolidated, competitive, and innovative landscape. The growing emergence of low-cost manufacturers in the Asia pacific region, and increased innovation in established players in the developing region remain promising drivers of growth. Some key players in the global analog integrated circuits market are Infineon Technologies AG, Texas Instruments Inc., Analog Devices Inc., STMicroelectronics NV, and Skywork Solutions Inc. These top five players are estimated to account for nearly 40% of the total share of the global analog integrated circuits market.

Global Analog Integrated Circuit Market Segments:-

By Type: General-purpose IC, Application-specific IC

By End-user: Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Communication, Industrial, Military and Government, Other End-user Verticals

Analog Integrated Circuits Market: Regional Analysis

The analog integrated circuits market report divides the key regions into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. Among these, the North America is expected to register highest total revenues, courtesy of the growing electric infrastructure, and growing sales of wearable devices. The region has also remained a leader in expansion of the 5G technology infrastructure, with countries like China also remaining a promising driver of growth. Europe also remains a major driver of growth, as growing expansion of the 5G infrastructure, and growing demand for electric vehicle promise major expansion of the analog integrated circuits market.

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Analog Integrated Circuits Market: Impact of Covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has been the bearer of bad news for players in the analog integrated circuits market, much like in many other industrial sectors. The pandemic managed to disrupt supply chains, while impacting key end-user industries like automotive. The pandemic have also delayed purchases of traditional vehicles, while creating new opportunities in electric vehicles. The year 2021 brought major relief to worldwide manufacturing, which also resulted in worldwide shortage of semiconductors. The impact of pandemic also drove valuation of key players in the market like Texas Instruments to noteworthy heights, with rough estimates putting at USD 190 billion, citing a tremendous growth in demand.

Analog Integrated Circuits Market: Notable Developments

In December, 2021, researchers from Georgia Tech Research University (GTRI) in the US, developed a high-perfomance, general purpose, and monolithic microwave integrated circuit for direct processing of radio frequency signals, and with direct filtering capabilities. The new invention promises special applications in appliances wherein weight restrictions, small form factors, and power budgets remain constraints. This could mean a new lease of life for several IoT products that never made it to the launch stages. The new chip has demonstrated its capability in wide band frequencies in the range of 2 to 20 GHz. The chip designed using Silicon-germanium technology promises major advancements in integrated circuit designs. The team of researchers continue to test the technology for new applications like signal conditioner, within a self-interference cancelling system. The growing investment in designs, materials, and other aspects of integrated circuits remain a promising frontier for innovation.

Analog Integrated Circuits Market: Key Trends

The promising growth in sales of electric vehicles also remains a notable driver of growth for sales of analog integrated circuits. Integrated circuits, containing capacitators, resistors, and transistors remain important for next-generation car manufacturing. These promise higher-energy savings, wireless battery management systems, battery formation & test, current sensing, position speed sense, among others. The electric vehicle market is increasingly being driven by demand for long-range mileage cars. The analog integrated circuits promise longer range, decreased charge times, improved functional safety, and reduced costs.

Moreover, these remain essential to addressing challenges in alternative powertrain types, energy storage types, and vehicle electrical subsystems. Analog integrated circuits promise to play a key role in one of the most promising wave of innovation, globally. According to the International Energy Agency, the global EV sales reached 10 million total sales by 2020 end. There was a 41% increase in sales of electric vehicles, despite the looming pandemic, globally.

Moreover, this remained in strong contrast to sales of conventional vehicles, which dropped by 16% in 2020. Nearly 3 million new electric vehicles were sold around the world, with key regions like Europe overtaking concentrated growth in countries like China. Furthermore, previously unexplored niches like electric buses, and trucks also witnessed robust growth last year. The promising growth of electric vehicles and promising application of integrated circuits in EVs remain notable drivers of growth.

Growing demand for IoT devices and promising application of integrated circuits in delivering real-time application also remains a notable driver of growth. Analog ICs are also key to delivering next-generation power efficient devices, which in turn are key to global initiatives like smart infrastructure. Apart from public initiatives like smart infrastructure, signal processing capabilities enabled by highly efficient analog integrated circuits also remain highly important for an ecosystem of automated devices. These devices remain key to expansion of wearable devices, which are gaining promising traction in the healthcare sector.

Today, such devices make way for calculating blood pressure, detecting pulse rates, and many other key indicators of health conditions.

The mass-produced capabilities of manufactures remain key to expansion of analog integrated circuit. Despite their promising application, costs remain a key barrier to growth for small players, as end-industries continue to demand high-volume manufacturing. The current players in the global analog integrated circuits market have responded to this by shortening product cycles, in relation to product development of niche specialties like handheld devices. This nature of manufacturing is also expected to play a key role in expansion of analog integrated circuits in sectors like automotive and electronic device manufacturing. Apart from low-cost, high volume manufacturing; industry growth also remains prominent in chip-enabled dynamic analog functionality, which is expected to drive multiple application use in end-sectors, with specific modules making way for higher profit margin opportunities.

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