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NSW Government’s BASIX Certificate- Compulsory For Every Residential Dwelling

BELLA VISTA, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, January 5, 2022 / -- Building Sustainability Index, commonly known as BASIX, is a planning measure implemented in 2004 by the NSW Government to imbibe the culture of constructing sustainable residential dwellings. The goals of the BASIX certificate involve reducing potable water and energy consumption/requirements through standardisation of minimum sustainability targets for both new developments and renovated structures. It constitutes a vital part of the NSW’s Environment Planning and Assessment Act.

BASIX, therefore, requires complying with minimum targets before a new building or renovated structure can be approved and a certificate furnished. This certificate is required during the submission of a Development Application (DA) or other similar applications.

Various design components in the residential structure, such as location, project size, orientation, construction type, light and water fixtures, landscaping, thermal comfort labels, water and energy usage details, constitute BASIX certificate requirements.

A BASIX report and certificate is necessary for the legal establishment and construction of various residential projects, including new homes/residences, townhouses & villas, dual residential occupancies, flats, apartments, granny flats. It is also applicable for renovation costing above $50,000, construction of swimming pools or spas measuring more than 40,000 litres and transforming an existing non-residential structure into a residential one.

A BASIX certificate, once furnished, has a validity of 3 months. If you have not filed for your DA application within three months of receiving your certificate, it will not be considered valid, and you’ll need to obtain a fresh certificate (even if there are no changes in your project/ construction plan). Likewise, you’ll require a new or updated certificate if you update any component in your building design.

However, BASIX has certain exceptions. These include minor residential building construction that fulfils the criteria for exempt development. For commercial buildings, DtS verification, JV3 modelling or NABERS rating is required instead of BASIX.

BASIX report will include detailed information on the design elements and commitments. These need to be noted on the final plans and followed during construction as they will be assessed by relevant authorities.

Some sustainable design concepts such as passive heating and cooling, proper wall and ceiling insulation, facilities for alternative water sources, pool coverings, water-saving fixtures can be incredibly helpful for achieving the BASIX standards.

Building consultants are specifically trained and certified for helping with the documentation process and obtaining a BASIX certificate. BASIX documentation involves various minute factors and NatHERs assessment that can only be done by an accredited assessor. Any misplaced information can jeopardise your entire project, lead to costly complications and ultimately unwanted delays.

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