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Trust in HiveOS tarnished as open source miner developers come forward with accusations of skimming developer fee

HiveOS alters miner code


Image shows the line in the Raptoreum miner code which checks for modified donation address

Code checks if address was modified

HiveOS alters miner code

Developer address Flockpool

Open source developers of cryptocurrency miners state proof of HiveOS modifications to code preventing compensation for development work

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 31, 2021 / -- Open source developers of various open source cryptocurrency miners show what they say as proof that HiveOS modified code preventing compensation for vital development work. It was described that developers had previously implemented checks into a cryptocurrency miner to signal any modifications to the development address and to raise alarm. A private investigation was then performed which apparently shows proof that HiveOS is behind all of it.

"Several obfuscated checks were added to the Raptoreum CPU miner to signal if someone attempted to modify the donation address and to steal from the developers. At this line, it checks if the donation_userRTM was modified:
If it was, it fixes the donation addresses, but also adds ".1" to the address, signalling that it was modified. You can see the addresses (with the ".1" appended) here:
And if we check the dev address on Flockpool, you can see quite a bit of hash going to that worker:
So... where did it come from? Well, we don't have to look far... here's a normal protocol dump:
Here's one from Hive:
Stealing from the few developers who do open source miner work is a good way to stop people from doing open source miner work. Furthermore, if they're doing this to us developers... God knows what they will do to their users if they can get away with it." - Raptoreum CPUMiner Developer

Following this disclosure, developer from XMRig and several GPU miners have come forward to state similar experiences with HiveOS modifications to their donation addresses and after further discussions, it was said that the issue spans wider than anticipated with countless developers affected. What also seems to be a big issue here is that HiveOS is failing to publish the altered source of which they are required to do under GPL licencing v2 & v3 which further masks these practices causing worry amongst both devs and users of this altered code.

HiveOS rose to fame with its Iteration of Linux due to its very low use of resources allowing a higher efficiency in the mining process with its website describing:
'The ultimate mining platform which allows users to setup, mine and control processes more effectively and hassle-free across thousands of rigs all from a single place. Everything you and your team need to keep your farm at peak efficiency.'
Coins are added by the HiveOS team as mining options due to both the profitability and popularity amongst users and it is in Hive's interest to provide the highest profitability and hashing power for the farms on their platform to keep people coming back.
With news starting to surface of other open source developers affected by the HiveOS teams practices, combined with the serious issues regarding its conflict with the GPL licencing legalities, has trust been tarnished on what is currently a very popular Linux based operating system for mining cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrency gains popularity, so does the competition for mining it and it seems that some key players on the field will do whatever they can to tip the odds into their favour at the detriment of others. HiveOS has currently failed to comment on the allegations made, and with the community interested in higher hashing Threadripper 5000 based silicone in Q2 2022, and even beefier GPU's from both camps, question marks will certainly be raised as to which mining operating system will be used moving forward.

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