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Learn to live with loss and discover new meaning with Sara Thurman's new book Reflecting on Grief and Moving Beyond Pain

One cannot grieve wrongly; however, this book offers some key strategies to help others learn to live again with loss.

Join Sara's journey and reflections in her grieving process within the first 100 days after her husband passed from this earthly life into eternity.

Sara brings clarity to life questions & issues in understanding our own grief, or how to be there for others who are grieving, and gives us direction and an action plan.”
— Christi Saint Laurent
WIMBERLEY, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 / -- How does one grieve the loss of a loved one? How does one help others in the grieving process?

Losing a loved one is often our greatest fear in life. We are trying to find our way on unfamiliar grounds, not knowing where it will lead us to. Working through grief is such an unknown journey yet, one we must learn to navigate with new meaning and clarity. Without a one size fits all approach to grieving, we are unsure of what to do in our own grief when it hits us. We often don't know what to do or what to say when trying to help others grieving a loss either. Thinking we are going to cause more pain, we do nothing to help the bereaving or we try to “fix them”.

By sharing private journal entries of her first 100 days of being a widow, Sara Thurman’s personal journey of grief created the foundation for her new book, Reflecting on Grief and Moving Beyond Pain. She presents her reflections, writings, prayers, and scriptures that helped her anchor through the devastating pain and to rediscover new meaning and purposes in her life.

Sara Thurman beautifully shares her heart and struggles of living with the loss of her husband of nearly 35 years. You will be able to read her personal writings and prayers and see the transitions of healing in her grief journey. Sara even shares her prayers and the beautiful and meaningful responses of Jesus to her prayers and tears of grief.

With valuable insights on what was helpful in the grieving process she practiced herself and what others did to walk with her in the grieving process, Reflecting on Grief and Moving Beyond Pain also includes a list of what was NOT helpful for Sara to provide grief education in knowing what to do to help others. Sara unpacks her new normal with a life even after the first 100 days including some of her self-care practices and reflective writing exercises which moved her from pain to healing. One cannot grieve wrongly; however, this book offers some key strategies to help others learn to live again with loss.

Learn how to live with new meaning and beyond pain by using the reflective practices Sara shares, or use it as a guide for helping others in their grieving journey.

Sara Thurman, EdD is the founder of Acts 1:8 Blessings, a creative art ministry serving creatives all over the world. Sara facilitates spiritual creative retreats, mentors, teaches, writes, and paints to share her love of the connections with God in this devotional process. Sara is also the host of a podcast Small Beginnings with Sara. After a successful Season 1 with 25 episodes with guests that present their own Small Beginnings, she is now working on Season 2, which will also include people’s grief stories of how they have walked through grief as their small beginnings. Her authenticity in sharing her own story draws others to share their story through creativity.

Sara has written two #1 bestselling books, Small Beginnings: A Journey to the Impossible, her memoir of becoming a prominent artist in her late 50’s with no previous art experience, encouraging others to take the first steps for their own small beginnings, along with an accompanying journal. In 2021, she wrote and illustrated her first children’s book How Good Can God Be?, using her own childhood memories of God’s goodness on a Texas ranch. Her most recent book is Reflecting on Grief and Moving Beyond Pain: Living with Loss and Discovering New Meaning presents journal entries and reflections on living with loss and discovering new meaning within the first 100 days after her husband passed from this earthly life into eternity.

Sara enjoys life in Wimberley, Texas when she is not on an adventure traveling the world inspiring others on their journey of creativity. Sara lives to motivate and tell others about the goodness of God through creativity all over the world.

Sara Thurman
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