Civility For Kenya Led by Dr. Ruben West is the Newest Organization Embraced by the Kenya Election Observation Group

Universal Peace Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon, World Civility Ambassador Winnie Joy and 2019 USA Civility ICON of the Year Dr. Ruben West join forces as the leadership team for the Civility For Kenya organization

Universal Peace Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon and World Civility Ambassador Winnie Joy attend as invited guests at the National Dialogue Conference in Nairobi

World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West authored Campaign Civility published in English and Swahili - Foreword by World Civility Leader HRH Dr. Clyde Rivers

Logo for the Civility For Kenya Organization

Dr. Ruben West Special Envoy for iChange Nations(TM) and leader of the Civility For Kenya organization

Kenya’s Election Observation Group adds Civility For Kenya led by Dr. West to its list of influential organizations invited to the National Dialogue Conference

Elections can be challenging. You must debate your opponent. Civility allows you to make a point without making an enemy.”
— Dr. Ruben West
NAIROBI CITY, GREENSPAN, KENYA, December 18, 2021 / -- The conference that was held at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi, and was organized by the Election Observer Group (ELOG) officially introduced and welcomed Dr. Ruben West and Civility for Kenya as part of the bodies that reclaims and entrenches a culture of electoral integrity.
The bodies include ELOG, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR), Mzalendo, Transparency International Kenya, Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kenya, and other faith-based organizations. Their mandate is to assess the state of key institutions' preparedness to launch action plans towards holding credible elections in 2022 as they demand integrity, accountability, and transparency in the electoral process.

The bodies also put in place peace-building initiatives at local to the national levels and prepare for possible violent outcomes by building capacity and setting up mechanisms to support Kenyans in coping with violence if it does happen.

On the path to seize this opportunity, the election observer groups require rapid action by various actors to mobilize the necessary resources and start working as soon as possible. In light of these considerations, the Civility for Kenya organization led by Dr. West and his team was highly recommended thanks to their commitment and strategic work that they deploy around electoral governance and promoting civility.

Civility for Kenya seeks to increase the knowledge, benefits, and use of civility practices during this election season. This allows the public to focus on the issues, not be distracted by negative political behaviors or inflammatory news stories, and not be intimidated by violent outbursts. The organization already hit the ground running by campaigning for civility during the political runs and the elections in 2022. They are able to accomplish their mission by increasing education and awareness on what civility in action looks like, changing the destructive narrative that is used to divide the country, preventing widespread tribal division for the sake of political gain, and increasing understanding of the contribution of each tribal group and their benefit to the country.

Electoral violence is a definite internal threat to Kenya's national security. It violates people's rights, restricts their freedom, creates a loss of property, disrupts the peace, interrupts stability, and delays prosperity.

This civility campaign is the antidote to these types of activities and behaviors. For peace to be kept, it must be created first. Civility is often the missing ingredient in many electoral campaigns.

"In order for peace to be kept it must be created first."- Dr. Ruben West.

The movement is honored to work with designated groups and organizations such as ELOG to gear towards civility, peace, cohesion, unity, and growth. They also work with current political leaders, aspiring political leaders, religious leaders of all religions, corporate entities, citizens that will stand for the cause, and international organizations that promote civility and not interfere with the people's will as to their choice of candidate. Also included in the partnership is the iChange Nations™ (US Based organization), whose goal is to bring back the lost art of honor. (Dr. Ruben is the Special Envoy for this organization).

Dr. West has created international influence and has received global recognition for his work and civility efforts. He has received numerous awards and recognitions worldwide, including the President's Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama (2016). In 2018 he received the Girma Wolde Giorgis (Former President of Ethiopia) Presidential Award for being a Human Conservationist (which is bringing out the best in others). In 2019 he received the Sydney Allicock (Vice President of Guyana) Global Humanitarian Award. He was also recognized as the United States 2019 Civility Icon of the Year by iChange Nations™ at the World Civility Day celebration in Gary, Indiana. Most recently, Dr. Ruben was awarded the International Humanitarian Medal by Amb. Abdul Ghani Yahya Al-ebarh, the United Nations Social Council President and nominee for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

Along with Dr. Ruben West the Civility For Kenya is also led by Winnie Joy (World Civility Ambassador), and Dr. Juma Nashon (World Civility Ambassador, Universal Peace Ambassador).

Winnie Joy joined forces with the Civility for Kenya to help Kenya have peace before, during, and after the 2022 elections. She is helping to create the organization's infrastructure and inviting key stakeholders to join forces with the Civility for Kenya leadership.

Dr. Juma Nashon is a Universal Peace Federation Ambassador and a Global Civility Representative with the iChange Nations™ Organization. His efforts to restore, rebuild and rebrand relationships (Marriage, Families, and Business) have earned him recognition as a local and global authority as a civility expert and a relationship coach.

During the conference, the Civil Society groups reviewed and deliberated extensively on emerging issues in the run-up to the 2022 General Elections. They also underscored the media's critical role as watchdogs for society in holding the government and other public institutions accountable in governance, democracy, and the rule of law. Additionally, they observed that the COVID-19 pandemic had adversely affected the operational timelines of key duty bearers and actors in Kenya and on a global scale with an inevitable trickle-down effect on elections and electoral processes.

The delegates also expressed concern over the increasing political polarization in the country, observing that the increasing toxic pronouncements from the leaders and supporters of the emerging political factions will impact the country negatively and lead to conflicts and insecurity in many parts of the country if something isn’t done.

IEBC Commissioner Boya Molu represented the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). The commissioner announced that they would deploy observers in next year's general elections to monitor, identify and arrest those engaging in electoral malpractices during the voting exercise.

Boya said IEBC will closely work with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to detect cases of electoral malpractices during the 2022 election. Further, IEBC has developed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), establishing a collaborative framework to deliver a free, fair, and credible election and enforce the Election Offences Act.

In conclusion, the stakeholders resolved that fundamental human rights and other relevant duty bearers should take practical steps within the confines of the law to ensure that political rights and civility are promoted, protected, and fulfilled. They also agreed to engage all the actors in the coming days to address some of the issues and concerns raised during the congress and update members of the public accordingly.

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