Petra Capital gears for Y2022 launch of Arrow Asset Management

Global Alliance Partners (GAP)

(L) Mr. George Marias, Managing Director of Petra Capital; (R) Mr. Bernard Pouliot, Chairman of Global Alliance Partners (GAP)

Global Alliance Partners (GAP)

(L) Mr. Issam Eid and (R) Mr. Rajeev de Silva, Fund Managers of Petra Capital for Arrow Asset Management

Global Alliance Partners (GAP) rallies behind their Australian Partner as the latter expands its operations from stockbroking to also fund management.

Petra Capital’s emerging companies’ expertise is matched by the skills of Mr. Issam Eid and Mr. Rajeev de Silva, who have together, generated annualized returns of 15.1% vs an index return of 9.0%.”
— Mr. George Marias
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, December 15, 2021 / -- “We are excited to launch in January 2022, the Arrow Asset Management, which will provide investors the opportunity to invest in fast growing Australian-listed companies, managed by experienced Fund Managers with a track record,” thus announced Mr. George Marias, the Managing Director of Petra Capital.

Mr. Bernard Pouliot, Chairman of Global Alliance Partners, sent kudos to their Australian Partner. “Impressive really! Between the financial crisis of 2007 and the pandemic crisis of 2021, Petra Capital proved resilient and even raised over US$6B for ASX-listed companies since its inception,” expressed Mr. Pouliot. “In fact, Petra Capital now ranks in Australia’s Top 20 for raising equity capital,” he proudly added.

According to Mr. Marias, Arrow Asset Management Fund will target ASX-listed investments with a market capitalization below US$500M upon entry. These emerging opportunities will generally include stocks with strong niche attributes in technology, innovation, renewables, primary industries and other investments exclusive to Australia or where Australia provides a competitive advantage.

“The fund will own up to 50 ASX-listed stocks and styled agnostic but with a value bias. Individual portfolio weights will be set at one (1) to five (5) percent at the time they are added to the portfolio, with a maximum weight of up to 10%, achieved via performance,” Mr. Marias explained.

“We take pride and delight in Petra Capital’s new phase of growth, expanding its operations from stockbroking to fund management as it gears to launch Arrow Asset Management,” Mr. Pouliot said.

Mr. Marias meanwhile cited, “Petra Capital’s emerging companies’ expertise will be matched by the skills of our new Fund Managers, namely Mr. Issam Eid and Mr. Rajeev de Silva, who have worked together for over 15 years and have generated annualized returns of 15.1% vs an index return of 9.0%.”

The duo’s 20-year experience in financial markets and investing presents their extensive management competence of small companies’ portfolios that has provided them with a wealth of experience across various businesses, strategies and management teams.

The fund will be capped at US$400M of Funds Under Management (FUM). Fees will be charged at 1.25% with a performance fee charged after an 8.0% hurdle is achieved.

Family offices and Individual sophisticated investors can invest into the Arrow Fund Management for as little as US$0.5M and up to US$50M, through a unit trust.


About Global Alliance Partners (GAP)
Global Alliance Partners is a network organization of international-minded financial partners focusing on the capital midmarket. GAP provides its client base with local service and expertise, coupled with international reach and access in private equity, corporate fund raising, stock broking, and fund management. Global Alliance Partners bridges the gap between investment opportunities in the leading, emerging, or frontier markets, and the key sources of investment risk capital. It was established in October 2008 and has its Central Coordinating Office in Hong Kong SAR.

About Petra Capital
Petra Capital is a boutique, independently owned Australian institutional stockbroking firm, with an active global network. Experienced industry personnel oversee Petra Capital’s suite of specialized services, tailored for wholesale financial clients and ASX listed companies. Our core values of strength, unity, integrity and trust underpin our approach to our business activities. Petra Capital, which was founded in 2007, holds an Australian Financial Services License and is an Australian Securities Exchange Participant.

About Mr. Issam Eid
Mr. Issam Eid has held risk management, dealing and portfolio management roles at major institutions such as Macquarie Bank, ING, Credit Suisse, and boutique investment manager - Sigma. Mr. Eid’s significant involvement in two start-up financial services businesses, has provided him with valuable insight into managing growing businesses and the complexities of designing and implementing their strategies. He holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology in Sydney and is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

About Mr. Rajeev de Silva
Mr. Rajeev de Silva has extensive experience in equities, having worked across a variety of markets including finance, healthcare, technology and IT services. He has focused on small cap Australian companies over the last 16 years. Prior to joining Salter brothers, Mr. De Silva worked at major financial institutions such as JP Morgan, ING, Credit Suisse, and boutique investment manager - Sigma. Mr. De Silva began his career in Sri Lanka and was involved in one of the first fundamental based research teams in that market. Doing bottom up fundamental research was a key learning from these early days that still drives his need to meet new companies and keep an open mind to new ideas. He holds a Master of Business (MBA) from Monash University.

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