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Cryotherapy is the Osteoarthritis Treatment That Most People Don't Know About

Cryotherapy Can Reduce Pain and Joint Inflammation Through Downregulating Inflammation Mediators in the Body

Cryotherapy is a quick and simple treatment option that is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, among other benefits.”
— Paolo Abellera
UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / -- Osteoarthritis is a common disease of the joints that can be very painful and can have debilitating effects on the patient's life.

The joints of a healthy individual are covered with cartilage and this cartilage acts as a cushion to help these individuals move around easily. However, when a person has osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down causing the bones to rub together. This can be very painful and can lead to swelling and make it a lot harder for the individual to move their limbs easily.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

When patients suffer from osteoarthritis, there are so many basic daily activities that they may find it nearly impossible to carry out. Along with the pain that comes with the inflammation, they will likely also feel stiffness, tenderness, and loss of flexibility; making it very difficult to play sports and remain healthy and active. Swelling is yet another symptom that patients with osteoarthritis may have to endure.

The good news is that with the advancements in medical technology and research, most individuals with osteoarthritis will be able to see significant improvement in their well-being by seeking the right treatment. One therapy that has been found effective in helping combat the symptoms of osteoarthritis is cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy Can Reduce the Pain Felt by Patients of Osteoarthritis

A systematic review study examined hundreds of patients who underwent cryotherapy to help them manage their osteoarthritis; across six different studies, and exciting results were determined. The results of the examined studies determined that cryotherapy can significantly help patients reduce the amount of pain they feel from osteoarthritis. This may be the case because when local cryotherapy is done, the intrajoint decrease in temperature can downregulate mediators that cause joint inflammation and harm to the body.

Reducing Inflammation Through Cryotherapy

Another more recent study conducted on rats determined that cryotherapy was able to lower the synovial fluid leukocyte count, implying an improvement in health and a significant reduction of inflammation.
Cryotherapy can be very effective at reducing inflammation when it is conducted the right way and through the hands of trained professionals.

"We now know that the majority of chronic conditions that affect our health stem from rampant inflammation. Cryotherapy is a quick and simple treatment option that is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, among other benefits", said Paolo Abellera, CEO of The Superhuman Clinic.

Anyone who is suffering from osteoarthritis should make sure they seek proper medical treatment and that they consider all the pain-relieving options such as cryotherapy; that are available at facilities like the Superhuman Clinic.

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