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7 Quick Signs Company is Begging for its Digital Transformation

7 Quick Signs Your Company is Begging for its Digital Transformation

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It is time for you to change, transform, or should we say Digitally Transform.”
— Satyam Chaturvedi
DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, December 13, 2021 / -- Should start by telling how technology has penetrated its way into every sector or work?

Maybe not! And everyone is quite aware of the importance of technology as well.

But when it comes to work or their companies, people seem to be hesitant to digital transformation services in their workspace.

McKinsey Survey showed us that during this COVID-19 pandemic, the most resilient companies were those that had adopted the ways of technology a long ago.

One might think that this digital transformation is kind of a pill that is forced to swallow. Bitter or sweet, in the end, it’s good.

Before starting with our signs that show why a company needs digital transformation, let’s demystify this digital transformation once and for all.

What is Digital Transformation?
Directly or indirectly every company leverages the technology in their day-to-day work. They can store data in those bulky excel sheets and send hundreds of emails every week, thanks to technology.

As technology evolves, it brings various tools and capabilities with it to help to work more efficiently while increasing productivity and ultimately, profits. Hence, digital transformation for any company means, adopting new technologies and tools to increase work efficiency and customer relations.

Why do companies fear Digital Transformation or any Transformation?
Like mentioned already when it comes to work or companies, people are hesitant to adopt any radical change. Companies are so accustomed to being working in a pattern that any shift in the process seems like an extra effort.

Therefore, companies fear the change. But as the world is getting more competitive and when customers loyalty is volatile, it is only the survival of the fittest. Believe it or not, but digital transformation is the last straw. Go through the history books, will find companies that are resilient to change survive the trial of time.

Here is the final wake-up call, Companies have already embraced technology with open arms.
If still not sure. Here are some signs that after reading one can start investing in their company’s digital transformation.

1. Poor or No Brand Awareness of Company
Imagine a new potential customer who hears about a company for the first time. If a customer needs more information, they aren’t going to call, instead, they would quickly Google the company name. If the company doesn’t have a legit website or appear in the few top search results, then consider that customer snatched out of hands by the company’s website that came on the top of the search results.
Believe it or not, this is how it works now, so start digital marketing as well.

2. Are Customers Loyal?
Trust me they are not. Nowadays customers switch companies just because the other company’s mobile app looks much cooler than previous one’s. Customer loyalty isn’t just about the product or service anymore. Customers need to have a better customer experience when they shop for products. This experience is going to stick with them even after the product.

CRMs and Power-BI are some of the top tools that save customer data like their shopping patterns, their preferences, their active hours, and many other small details that will help to make better business decisions. These decisions will help to enhance the customer experience. This way one can retain those customers.

A study shows that retaining only 5% of customers can increase profit anywhere between 25%-90%.

3. Decreasing Efficiency and Productivity
Still filling those excel sheets manually then it's bad news. The decreased efficiency and productivity are the signs of business patterns that are rigid and do not allow enough flexibility for the improvements.

The right technological tools and solutions help works to make their work more agile and well-collaborated. Every task can be tracked and measured in the terms of efficiency and productivity. Many custom software also helps to reduce many tedious tasks by completely automating the process to save time and effort.

4. Sky-Rocketing Operational Costs
No company wants big numbers in their operational cost column. But believe it or not but operational costs are increasing day by day. Is profit increasing the same? That’s a tough question don’t have to answer. Because technology has got covered with it. By increasing efficiency and productivity, many tech solutions help to significantly reduce operational costs.

Not all tech tools and solutions cost a huge amount of money. Many of them are available as a service as well.

5. High Turnover Rate
On the shoulders of its employees, a company achieves new heights in success. But old ways, rigid patterns, yet high expectations demotivate them and they are forced to leave. Here, technology comes to play a vital role in the workspace. Technology has countless ways to keep a workspace the most nurturing place filled with things to learn, work, collaborate, and experiment.

6. Lack of Innovation
Companies that are reluctant to welcome technology in their workplace ultimately lose the creative edge. They do not have plans to look forward to. Their goals are limited by their resources and capabilities while their competitors experience a whole new plane of possibilities with their newly-adopted technological process.

If a company has run out of ideas and motivation, it is time for a radical change. Shake hands with technology and see what is left yet to be achieved.

7. Unclear Future
A lack of innovation means no new ideas. When there are no new ideas, there is no future. In this scenario, a company loses its vision in the illusion that its way is the best. But the ultimate truth is a company must be able to forget its old ways and learn new things to survive in a new world. Because one may not change, but the world is changing around.

Any questions about digital transformation? or How it can implement in the company? or How much is it going to cost? Don’t worry, Just let us know.

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