MarkiTech.AI Gets Recognized in AI and Digital Health for Delivering Results


Our aim is to use AI as a way to leave a world better than we found it by creating products with high societal impact. For us, excellence is a habit and we are on a journey to make big changes”
— Nauman Jaffar - Founder and CEO of MarkiTech

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 13, 2021 / -- MarkiTech is on a mission to innovate healthcare using the latest technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) one project at a time for payers, providers, and end-users based in North America.

Since the beginning of the operations 10 years ago, MarkiTech has completed 40+ HIPAA & PHIPA -compliant projects in healthcare, making them experts in AI / ML with 35+ engineers, data scientists & health care experts.

MarkiTech has separated its efforts into 3 categories - products, services, and platforms. Every AI & IT solution is focused on innovation, agile development, and flexible business models which is what led the company to win notable awards and recognitions by very respectable organizations and magazines.

In recognition of its efforts, below are some of the most recent awards MarkiTech has won in 2021.

1. The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Watch For

AI Partnership Corp recognized MarkiTech as one of The Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2021. Ranked 2nd, the list includes companies with unique goals, purposes, and audiences with a focus on innovation rather than recognition.

AI Partnership Corp tried to identify strong AI companies with 4 main qualities: (1) they can extract meaning from the data; (2) they have protective security measures in place; (3) they invest in continuous innovation; (4) they are staffed by individuals with deep curiosity and creativity.

MarkiTech specializes in healthcare and telecommunications projects, however, the company designs customizable artificial intelligence solutions for almost any business need. This includes retail, eCommerce, SaaS, and others.

2. Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Companies

Healthcare Tech Outlook nominated SenSights.AI (LocateMotion), a platform under the MarkiTech umbrella, as one of the Top 10 Home Healthcare Solution Companies in 2021.

The list identifies companies that meet two criteria: (1) Companies that successfully implemented tech-driven home healthcare solutions powered by emerging technologies to gain more accurate information on a patient’s health status; (2) the ability to effectively manage the rehabilitation remotely in a period where these solutions were critical for people - COVID-19 pandemic.

SenSights.AI intelligence platform provides virtual care and clinical decision support for Dementia patients. Using the power of AI, the platform gathers data to personalize treatment choices and increase the independence of seniors.

3. Top Home Healthcare Startups and Companies in Canada

LocateMotion, a subsidiary under the MarkiTech umbrella, has been named twice by Best Startup Canada, during 2021. LocateMotion is recognized as one of the 39 Top Home Health Care Startups and Companies in Canada, and one of the 69 Top iOS Startups and Companies in Toronto.

The two lists are determined by the outstanding performance in 4 categories: (1) Innovation (innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product); (2) Growth (Exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy); (3) Management; (4) Societal impact

LocateMotion is a company with the main focus on providing innovative solutions for those suffering from cognition loss or Dementia. Due to this intelligent platform, hospital admissions are reduced and healthcare outcomes improved. Besides, the combined observational, biometric, behavioral, and environmental data have reduced incidents of wandering and fall, hence, there is no wonder how LocateMotion excels in all 4 criteria from great innovation to the high societal impact.

4. Top 20 Global Business Leaders

Global Business Leader Magazine recognized MarkiTech’s CTO, Mubashir Khan as top 20 upcoming global business leaders. The article will be published in January, 2022. MarkiTech’s Mubashir Khan, who has over 20 years of software development, AI, and leadership experience in global settings, has been selected based on strict criteria of competitive digital transformation projects.

5. Entrepreneurs with High Impact in Healthcare Using AI

Go Solo recognized MarkiTech’s CEO and Founder, Nauman Jaffar, as an entrepreneur with a high impact in Healthcare using AI. Nauman was chosen because of his impressive journey building LocateMotion, among other brands and applications, that stepped up the game for many other companies. The purpose of this article was to share Nauman’s experience and inspire other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

6. LocateMotion selected as OTN Verified RPM Vendor in Canada

LocateMotion, brand of MarkiTech, was approved and verified by the Ontario government premium health agency Ontario Telemedicine Network as their remote patient monitoring (RPM) provider, in September 2021. The focus of LocateMotion is on older adults with cognitive decline and it got approved after almost 8+ months of extensive privacy, p-hipa, threat reviews, penetration testing and upgrades to requirements to ensure all mandatory requirements are achieved.

7. Best Health Applications in 2021

Veyetals and Carefall , both applications of MarkiTech, have been nominated by GHP News as “Best Smart Device Wellness Vitals Tracking Applications Developer 2021” and “Best Early Dementia Wandering & Fall Prediction App 2021”.
The two lists were determined by the magazine's research team who created a case file in which various information was included, such as brand history, services, products, articles, social media, presence within the industry, testimonials, etc. Once finalized, the file was then passed on to their judging panel who discussed and deliberated and ultimately decided who they believe deserves to win a title within the Technology Awards this year.

The team casts their judgment based on criteria such as client dedication, customer feedback, online reputation and business performance.

8. The Top 6 CES Tech Picks by Age in Place Analyst
LocateMotion was chosen as one of the top 6 CES tech picks by Age in Place Tech in January 2020. The list identifies companies that have signaled the next generation of in-home monitoring and the next generation of predictive analytics used to help older adults stay longer at home and/or out of the hospital.

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