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Wine SinSations Unveils ‘WINEdoms®, The World’s First On-the-Go Wine Stoppers

Wine SinSations introduces Winedoms

On-the-go “protection” for your unused wine!

Practice 'Safe Sipping'!

On-the-go “protection” for your unused wine!

The easy roll-on and washable protector promotes ‘safe sipping’ protection for wine lovers

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI, US, December 6, 2021 / -- Founder of Wine SinSations, Kris Ford, is pleased to announce ‘ WINEdoms’, the world’s first easy roll-on rubber wine and spirits bottle stopper, which provides air-tight, on-the-go and storage protection for bottles to preserve freshness and aroma.

WINEdoms are formulated from Food Grade 100% rubber latex and are an easy-to-apply roll-on rubber bottle seal meant to replace corks and caps. They are waterproof, meant to preserve liquids, and are both washable and reusable. The product can also be applied to other bottled beverages too, like champagne, beer, and soda.

The revolutionary product creates a fresh option as opposed to traditional corks and caps. In fact, corks can sometimes allow air in, creating unwanted oxidation, aroma changes, and flavor-altering effects as well. Additionally, corks can expand when exposed to liquids too, making it difficult to remove them. WINEdoms are the solution as they are applied in three easy steps, removing the product from its packaging, stretching it, and rolling it onto the bottle top.

“Like many wine lovers, enjoying a single glass of wine after working a long day is a true joy, until you want to seal it back up! I grew frustrated at corks and caps; which never really resealed my opened wine. I wanted a solution that would help reseal wine while preserving its original fresh taste. WINEdoms is an easy way for a wine lover who wants to protect every last drop of their favorite red, white or bubbly!” Kris Ford, Inventor of WINEdoms.

Wine SinSations is disrupting the beverage industry in allowing bottles to be stored safely on their side after opening, whether in a cooler or fridge, and porting bottles to the beach or lake.

A set of six WINEdoms retails for $19.97 in its novelty gift set. Wine SinSinsations is also rolling out its retail version that will offer colored wine seals. Wine enthusiasts can currently take advantage of a 15% off coupon for any first order at, using the code: WINE15.

About Wine SinSations

[Editor’s Note: Kris Ford and her two sisters are all former graduates of Oxford High School in Oxford Township, Michigan. In light of the recent tragedy at Oxford High School, Wine SinSations will be donating $5.00 of every retail sale made on, now through December 10th, to the victims and their families.]

Wine SinSations is the inventor of WINEdoms, the world’s first easy roll-on, reusable, waterproof, wine stopper that keeps your opened wine fresher longer, prevents leaks, and saves the integrity of your wine. You can even use WINEdoms whenever you’re missing a cap on olive oil bottles, dressing, champagne, or soda.

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