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Clear Aligner Market Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2021-2027

Brandessence Market Research

Brandessence Market Research

Clear Aligner Market By Key Players Commercial Sector, Overview, Component 2020-2025

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 6, 2021 / -- Clear Aligners Market

Growing demand for painless, aesthetically pleasing, and easy-to-use functionality has given rise to clear aligners. Clear aligners remain easy-to-use as these can be removed in an instant to enjoy various types of delicious cuisines, or brush your teeth as necessary. On the other hand, traditional metal braces remain a difficult affair to manage, despite proving to be highly effective in teeth alignment. According to the American Dental Association, the average cost for adult braces hovered around $6,000 per patient for adult braces. On the other hand, cost for alternatives like lingual braces remains a much more expensive affair, at somewhere between $8000-10,000 per patient. Growing demand for clear aligners, growing availability of dental insurance for clear aligners, and increased correlation between physical appearance and socioeconomic status remain key drivers of clear aligners market.

Invisible Orthodontics Market

Clear aligners are also known as invisible orthodontics. These aligners are transparent in nature, offering more freedom to be themselves, and exhibit their natural appearance. Moreover, some key changes on the supply side in invisible orthodontics market have also resulted in significant freedom for patients. In 2018, key patents of parent company of clear aligners expired. This included in total 40 key patents, which make way for new companies to launch their own offerings in the invisible orthodontics market, and drive robust competition in pricing, product features, and simultaneously increase product awareness. Invisalign remained the main company in the clear aligners market before 2018, wherein it controlled 80% market share, with continuous double-digit growth in its early stages. The expiry of its patents marks a promising era of expansion for new players in the invisible orthodontics market.

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According to Brandessence market research, the clear aligners market size reached USD 2,950.0 million in 2018. The clear aligner market size is likely to grow at robust 10.8% CAGR during the 2020-2025 periods, with estimates to reach USD 6,047.8 million in 2025.

What is the Scope of Clear Aligners?

According to experts like Rober Keim, the editor of the journal of clinical orthodontics, ‘What is the scope of clear aligners’ can focus a key advancement of temporary anchorage device. He notes that clear aligners can ‘treat any malocclusion successfully today’. Similar to traditional treatment, CAT uses a wide range of methods of construction, modes of treatment, and promise a wide range of application. With growth of aiding technologies like Computer Aided Design and Manufacture; the scope of clear aligner market growth remains boundless.

Still, what is the scope of clear aligners? This remains a key question for new players entering the market. While research is still needed in understanding issues like long term stability, clear aligners remain ahead of various alternatives. Today, clear aligners are effectively used for various malocclusions including moderate crowding, intrusion of one or two teeth, posterior expansion, distal tipping of molars, and lower incisor extraction cases. Furthermore, as clear aligners are easy-to-use, and maintain, oral hygiene is easier to maintain. This has resulted in fewer complications like less white spot lesions during post treatments.

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According to studies completed by American board of orthodontists, effectiveness of clear aligners in treatment of marginal ridge alignment, space closure, and root paralleling remains similarly effective to traditional fixed appliances. Moreover, clear aligners promise new advantages like direct-selling to consumers. This results in decreased or comparable costs, despite far higher appeal for clear aligners among consumers. The clear aligner treatment also requires far lower time consumption in treatment, as well, as post-treatment follow-ups. The soft-material of clear aligners also promises to solve a key challenge for orthodontists – root absorption.

Clear Aligners Market Segmentations: Key Trends

Clear aligners market segmentations include product type like soft clear aligner, medicum clear aligner, and hard clear aligner. Among these, the soft clear aligner remains most popular among consumers, however, medium aligners promise a better balance between clinical effectiveness, and functional use.
Furthermore, the clear aligners market segmentations also includes age groups like iGeneration, Generation Y, Generation X, and Baby boomers. The market shows a solid promise of growth for elderly patients, who increasingly demand more appealing oral care. The growing product awareness among this generation, and importance of oral hygiene, key personality features like smile remain a key driver of clear aligners among all age groups.

The clear aligners market segmentations also divides the market on the basis of distribution channel into hospitals, dental clinics, and others. The increased availability of dental insurance remains a major promise for hospitals, and dental clinics alike in the clear aligners market.

Clear Aligners Market Size in India: Regional Analysis

The clear aligners market in India remains a promising opportunity for global investors. There is a growing interest in healthcare in India, which exhibits a high-proportion of out-of-pocket costs. It is estimated that out-of-pocket costs represent 62.6% total health care expenditure in India – one of the highest in the world. This is the key reasons why optional procedures like teeth straightening, teeth alignment, and various other dental procedures promise significant expansion in the Indian market. Recent estimates suggest that 85 to 90% adults in India have dental cavities, with about 60 to 80% children exhibiting the same. Furthermore, 30% children are also in need of teeth and jaw alignment. The large size of the Indian population, the growing disposable income in the country, and high traditional mindset for out-of-pocket expenditure remain key drivers of growth in the clear aligners market size in India.

Clear Aligners Market: Competitive Analysis

The clear aligners market remains a competitive and innovative landscape. The growing innovation to expand use of clear aligners beyond traditional uses, and increased entry of new products remain significant drivers of innovation. Since, 2017, over 27 new clear aligner product have entered the market, driving more competition, and innovation. Key players in the clear aligners market focus on strong growth with strategic acquisitions, and mergers. Some key players in the global clear aligners market are Dentsply International, Inc., Align Technology, Danaher Corporation, Straumann Group, and Henry Schein.

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