The French President in Abu Dhabi praises the discovery on the Universality of Creation revealed by the CES Pierre Rayer

Le baiser de 1905 de C.Brancusi

Thierry Rayer à l'UNESCO

Thierry Rayer à l'UNESCO

The visit of President Emmanuel Macron to the Gulf countries has strengthened the ties between France and the Arab countries.

PARIS, FRANCE, December 5, 2021 / -- Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, praises the discovery on the Universality of Creation revealed by the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer

The visit of President Macron on Friday, December 3, 2021, to the Gulf countries, especially to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, has strengthened the ties between France and the Arab countries.
This need to strengthen the cultural ties between France and the United Arab Emirates was founded and illustrated by the universal process of artistic creation revealed by the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer.

This speech resonates perfectly with the personal action that the Cercle d’Études Scientifiques Pierre Rayer has been carrying out for many years with UNESCO, its member countries and more specifically with the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and Azerbaijan.

Here is an excerpt from this speech: "This Louvre of the Desert and Light is a desire to carry this universal message, a desire to compare our cultures together, a humility that reminds us that the beautiful here has something in common with the beautiful elsewhere; It is that there is something universal in what seemed irreducible in each of our cultures, that there is always a bridge that unites us and that this bridge should make us deeply determined against all forms of withdrawal. This Louvre of light and desert is a message sent against all obscurantism.

Also, to defend the Universality of the Creation and its importance by underlining the bridges which it creates between the men, was always in the center of the actions of the Cercle. As a reminder, the discovery of the Cercle was first presented under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic François Hollande in Paris in 2017, then presented to President Macron on November 11, 2017 and finally to his Cultural Advisor Madam Ferrazzi.

The discovery of the universality of Creation is fascinating and concerns us all. It allows us to find the thread that unites civilizations.

In the video where Emmanuel Macron evokes the universality of Creation, we can see works of the Franco-Roman sculptor Constantin Brancusi. The complete work of this artist represents, indeed, the essence of the Universal Creation and contains in it, the secrets of the Universal Creation.

In this regard, the Cercle proposes the creation of a room dedicated to the Universality of Culture in each of the museums of the Arab world. The "Baiser de 1905" by Constantine BRANCUSI, which was at the origin of the discovery, will constitute the heart of the project and will be at the center of this presentation, including the sculptures that combined with the "Baiser de 1905" form Egyptian Divinities.

In pursuit of its activities and missions based on the aforementioned values, the Cercle is also organizing a world tour that will begin in 2022 on peace and access to the right to happiness through the universality of art and the common origin of the culture of Humanity. This tour will begin in Egypt, and will continue in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan; countries that have made culture and transmission a national priority guided by France.

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