U.S. ICN Special Envoy Dr. Ruben West Selected to Present Honors at the HTA Impact Gospel Awards in Nairobi, Kenya

World Civility Ambassador Dr. Ruben West escorted on the Red Carpet at the HTA Impact Gospel Awards in Nairobi, Kenya

World Civility Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon and World Civility Ambassador Winnie Joy at the HTA Impact Gospel Awards in Nairobi, Kenya

ICN Special Envoy Dr. Ruben West presents the Online Content Influencer of the Year Award at the HTA Impact Gospel Awards in Nairobi, Kenya

World Civility Ambassadors Dr. Ruben West, Dr. Juma Nashon and Winnie Joy at the HTA Impact Gospel Awards in Nairobi, Kenya

Civility for Kenya leaders Dr. Ruben West, Winnie Joy and Dr. Juma Nashon award Mr. Boniface Wayne Nyongesa with ICN Civility Imprint Award in Bungoma, Kenya

I believe in honoring people that are positive examples. People practice what gets praised.”
— Dr. Ruben West
NAIROBI CITY, GREENSPAN, KENYA, December 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The second annual Impact Gospel Awards ceremony took place on Saturday, 27th November, at CITAM Valley Road in Nairobi. The event brought together hundreds of local and international gospel artists, as well as key influencers to present.

The HTA Impact Gospel Awards is a Kenyan academy-based gospel awards scheme whose main agenda is to recognize and award gifted individuals and groups who are impacting and transforming the world through creativity, integrity, inspiration, and excellence in the gospel fraternity, mainly in media, arts, entertainment and ministry.

The initiative focuses on mentoring and empowering talented individuals/groups in society while nurturing and growing their talents with a plan to unlock their full potential by 2025.

The Hifadhi Talanta Africa (HTA) mission is to annually recognize and award outstanding gospel ministers who have success stories of transforming and impacting the world. They strongly believe in impacting generations through creativity, inspiration, integrity, and excellence in the arts, entertainment, media, and music ministry.

The academy pegs its selections for the nominees on these five key pillars; integrity, inspiration, excellence, creativity, and impact. After public nominations, a Craft Committee of 15 (Industry players) comes up with the nomination list handed over to an Academy Board of 15 members who choose the winners.

There is also a list of key influencers that are considered to present the awards. This list is vetted and narrowed down until the right individual remain. The selected individuals are contacted and given special invitations

iChange Nations Special Envoy Dr. Ruben West and his team World Civility Ambassador Winnie Joy and World Civility Ambassador Dr. Juma Nashon were all invited to be apart of this red carpet event.

The academy's board accorded Dr. Ruben West the honors to present the Online Content Influencer of the year award. The awards were presented to Syombua Osiany of Inuka online radio/TV show and Dj-Ruff; for his Sheng (slang) Bible studies online programs. The two were awarded for pushing and positively influencing their online audiences with boldness, integrity, commitment, and sacrifice.

Dr. Ruben West is not only the Special Envoy for iChange Nations™ but also the Civility for Kenya movement leader. He was appointed Special Envoy by the organization's President and founder Dr. Clyde Rivers. Dr. West carries out his global mandate by identifying deserving individuals and nominating them to the organization for award consideration.

As the Civility For Kenya movement leader, Dr. West believes that "Civility is treating people the way you would like to be treated. Not doing anything to them that you would not want done to you or someone you love or care about".

The Civility For Kenya leadership team, West, Joy and Nashon therefore, seeks to increase the knowledge, benefits, and use of civility practices during this election season. This will allow the public to focus on the issues and not be distracted by negative political behaviors or inflammatory news stories as well as not be intimidated by violent outbursts.
"By having civility as a primary principle for government, family and business it will make Kenya an even more attractive destination for travel, business and new companies which in turn will benefit the country and its people."- Dr. Ruben West (World Civility Ambassador)

The movement has already hit the ground running by campaigning for civility during the political runs and the elections in 2022.

They have done this by increasing education and awareness on what civility in action looks like, changing the destructive narrative that is used to divide the country, preventing widespread tribal division for the sake of political gain, and increasing understanding of the contribution of each tribal group and their benefit to the country.

The civility campaign seeks to contribute to Kenya's national security by fostering the rights, freedoms, property, peace, integrity and sovereignty, stability and prosperity, and other national interests to protect Kenya against internal and external threats. Electoral violence is a definite internal threat to Kenya's national security. This is because it violates people's rights, restricts their freedom, creates a loss of property, disrupts the peace, interrupts stability, and delays prosperity.

This civility campaign is the antidote to these types of activities and behaviors. For peace to be kept, it must be created first. Often times, civility was the missing ingredient in electoral campaigns.

"In order for peace to be kept it must be created first."- Dr. Ruben West.

The movement works with designated groups and organizations specifically geared towards civility, peace, cohesion, unity, and growth. They also work with current political leaders, aspiring political leaders, religious leaders of all religions, corporate entities, citizens that will stand for the cause, and international organizations that promote civility and not interfere with the people's will as to their choice of candidate. Also included in the partnership is the iChange Nations™ (US Based organization), whose goal is to bring back the lost art of honor. (Dr. Ruben is the Special Envoy for this organization).

After the event Impact Gospel Awards crowd understood who Dr. West was and the great work him and his team is doing throughout the country of Kenya, it was obvious to everyone why they were invited and why Dr. West was selected to present.

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