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Avaamo Unveils the Broadest and Most Comprehensive Multilingual Support in the Conversational AI Industry

Avaamo’s Conversational AI Platform now supports 114 languages and dialects for Voice and Digital Assistants

LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / -- Avaamo, a leader in Conversational AI platform, today announced its support for 114 languages and dialects across its platform to enhance the global deployments of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee self-service use-cases.

Avaamo is already depployed in 45 countries and has handled 2 billion interaction on voice, SMS, text and Microsoft Teams in 2021.

Need for Multilingual Support:
As global deployments of conversational AI continue, enterprises want to hyper-personalize the experience for their users by offering languages and dialects of their choice to provide a seamless experience to every user and enhance accessibility to conversational AI technology and achieving their automation goals.

(1) Targeting new and emerging markets: This support now enables our enterprise customers to effectively respond to substantially higher volumes of queries as well as vernacular languages to make inroads in a specific regional market and/or build a compelling CX among potential customers who speak a particular language.

(2) Hyper-personalize the employee experience: Whether its Brazilian Portuguese or Swiss German, employees can get help just by asking naturally. And when they switch languages, Avaamo can also adapt in real-time as well.

Top enhancements and benefits of Avaamo Multilingual support include:

Breadth of supported languages:
Avaamo’s advanced dialog models for sentiment, intent, and workflows now support 114 languages and dialects, whether its Albanian, Greek or Malagasy, we got you covered.

Depth and Dialects:
Spoken languages vary by country, region and culture. For example, the ability to support German, Swiss German and French German with regional variation make Avaamo’s dialog models unique in the industry.

Hybrid or Mixed languages:
Recognizing the growth of hybrid languages as a spoken medium in customer service, Avaamo’ translation and voice-recognition technology supports Spanglish, Hinglish and Singlish and other variations to truly support the global human experience.

Automatic Language detection:
Avaamo’s language models automatically detect a customer or employee’s language — based on utterances — and responds instantly in the user’s preferred language, across all channels of communications, and will even retain that preference for future conversations.

Ease of deployment:
Avaamo's language models are pre-trained in languages, dialects, and linguistic word pairings, no additional training is required. A user can simply speak naturally in their native tongue for instant, realtime support whether chat or voice.

"The power of the extensive multilingual support both in breadth and depth will truly transform the customer experience in a range of industries and domains globally from education, HR, IT, healthcare, contact centers and beyond." Said Sriram Chakravarthy, Co-founder and CTO of Avaamo.

We are continuously enhancing accessibility and usability of the platform to power end-to-end self service automation.

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About Avaamo:
Avaamo is a venture funded Conversational AI enterprise software company. Powered by the latest innovations in neural networks, speech synthesis and deep learning, Avaamo is a SaaS platform that automates the Conversational AI lifecycle. Build powerful Conversational AI applications with pre-built enterprise connectors, conversation analytics and conversational validators that execute design-to-deployment lifecycles in weeks.

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