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Optymize Solves Problem of Scaling Product Development Team by Offering Top 5% Remote Engineers within 48 hours

Top 5% Remote Engineers within 48 hours

Optymize, a company of elite developers offers to provide top quality vetted engineers to meet the hiring needs of small business and innovative start-ups.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / -- Optymize is an elite developers community that focuses on scaling product teams overnight with the right engineers. The objective of Optymize is to provide high-quality, vetted engineers to ingenious startups and small businesses within 48 hours. This comprehensive idea was born while the world was under distress and companies suffered from undeniable consequences of the shortage of talented individuals, mostly due to restrictions on travel. Uber, AirBnB, Planoly, AnRKey, and RD&X are some of the companies who have utilised Optymize services to scale their engineering teams overnight during COVID period.

All the engineers of Optymize are well-resourced with trending technical knowledge, have adequate communication skills and are well-experienced with remote working. They evaluate engineers based on three processes - technical skills, communication skills, and psychometric analysis. Technical skills are assessed using system design level questions and coding challenges. Engineers share video resumes as well as they are asked to solve and explain coding challenges during the interview process. The psychometric analysis is the last stage that inspects behavioral style and personality traits. Optymize gets an overall understanding of the engineer after performing these evaluations. These assessments ensure that Optymize provides engineers to clients who are good communicators and willing to work during clients’ working hours.

Optymize provides a client-friendly environment that helps them avoid complicated and longer onboarding processes. At Optymize, onboarding clients is a three-step process. First, an introductory call, which helps Optymize to understand the specific talents needed for hiring. The second step involves sourcing specific profiles within 48 hours according to the requirements of the client. During the last step, the client reviews, interviews, and onboards the optimal hire.

Optymize does not end their relationship with the client after providing the optimal hire. They keep on providing constant support by holding regular check-ins and monitoring engineers’ performance around the project. Optymize considers its success after establishing a long-term relationship with the client for remote hiring.

Shashank Maheta, CEO of Optymize, says, “The biggest bottleneck in meeting the supply and demand gap in hiring is borders. So our vision is a world where businesses can scale through talent working anywhere in the world.”

Join Optymize and collaborate with the world’s smartest, passionate, and talented engineers.

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