Storbyte Releases Ecoflash 2 Enteprise Storage Platform To Market

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Storbyte, a leading IT hardware pioneer that delivers enterprise storage servers through its channel partners

The innovative model will provide ‘GREEN’ next generation on-premise storage for
HPC, AI and Big Data -- all with scalability

Storbyte, the first data storage manufacturer to build a ‘GREEN’ environmentally friendly storage platform, today introduced its new ECO•FLASH•2 storage server arrays. Building off the company’s ECO•FLASH environmentally sustainable platform, the ECO•FLASH•2 provides an even further enhanced on-premise data storage solution with 3PB in a 4U chassis. The hardware generates the lowest carbon footprint of solid-state technology as compared to the industry standard by consuming half the power, rejecting half the heat, and providing extreme density.

World leaders continue to acknowledge the need for “meaningful and effective actions” to mitigate global temperature rises. Last month, world leaders attended the G-20 climate summit in Rome, just prior to the United Nation’s COP26 in Glasgow, U.K., to define environmental targets that include pledges for emissions targets and net-zero carbon emission plans.

“Leadership everywhere is embracing global environmental stewardship, turning to responsible innovation to address sustainability concerns while continuing to manage their businesses,” said Steve Groenke, CEO at Storbyte. “We recognized a need for environmentally sustainable storage hardware options. As an industry leader, it is our obligation to continue to provide ‘GREEN’ storage server arrays that minimize the environmental impact of data centers.”

The fastest way to reduce climate-changing pollution is by reducing power consumption and enhancing energy efficiency. Data centers consume a tremendous amount of energy, and ECO•FLASH•2 is the most energy efficient all-flash enterprise grade hardware on the market.

Storbyte recognized years ago that data centers were not designed to manage the exponential growth of data, nor were they optimized to deliver data fast enough for real-time processing at reasonable power consumption ratios. Storbyte originally developed its ECO•FLASH storage platform to resolve the five largest data center challenges: scalability, cost, deteriorating performance, power/cooling, and security.

ECO•FLASH•2 further expands upon these performance issues by providing a ‘GREEN’ environmentally friendly hardware storage platform that addresses performance and scalability. Designed for HPC, AI platforms, hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud, and on-premise big data, the ECO•FLASH•2 platform meets ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.4-2019 Energy Standard for Data Centers used in both LEED Gold and Platinum data centers.

ECO•FLASH•2 now allows storage architects to efficiently design and evaluate hybrid solutions that include on-premise hardware for sensitive data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and big data analytics that require low-latency processes; while integrating traditional cloud repositories for non-critical day-to-day storage. We offer management software to provide unprecedented insight, predictive analytics, and policy-based orchestration, while calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for both on-premise and cloud data expansions at any scale.

Legacy storage infrastructure is typically inefficient, new high performance storage technology is extremely power hungry, and the cost of the cloud continues to increase. The key to the continued success of ECO•FLASH technology is its ability to provide superior power performance and data throughput at a lower cost per terabyte, and you control your data. ECO•FLASH•2 provides 64TB and 32TB capacities each dual ported for high availability and are designed for extended life in heavy write-on-write applications. The ECO•FRIENDLY data center is no longer a dream; it is now available, and it is about time.

“The proven way to enhance data security and performance is with on-premise hardware,” said Joseph Drissel, CTO at Storbyte. “The benefits of knowing where your data resides and providing users efficient storage technology is critical.”

Storbyte, headquartered in Washington, D.C., manufactures environmentally friendly enterprise storage arrays that offer performance, power management, reliability, density, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. The comprehensive line of Hardware Defined Storage™ products has a dramatically different architecture with a patented, abstracted command and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct chip-access architecture. The company has not lost sight of what is most important to end users: sensibly engineered products at a cost-correct price point. Visit for access to data sheets and technical product information.

To learn more about the new and impressive ECO•FLASH•2 solution, call Storbyte at 1-877-278-6729 or email to receive more information.

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