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HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Market 2021 : Brief Analysis of Global Industry with Forecast Growth By 2027

Brandessence Market Research

Brandessence Market Research

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, November 29, 2021 / -- Growing demand for autonomous vehicles, increased capabilities of navigational devices, and growing accuracy of HD maps are key prospects for growth. International Energy Agency estimated that the sales of electric cars increased by 41% in 2020, despite the global pandemic. The sales of electric buses, and trucks also reached a new high, with 600,000, and 31,000, respectively. HD maps today embed capabilities like detecting traffic signs, road marking, road shape, and more. The growing capabilities of sensors, increased addition of advanced capabilities like aerial imagery, and decreasing costs of devices like digital camera, and GPS remain key new drivers of growth. Major players in the HD map for autonomous vehicles market offer cheap, highly accurate, and feature-laden subscription-based services to make navigation an increasing smooth ride for customers.

HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Market: An Overview

HD maps are designed to offer a highly accurate positioning, and surrounding environment for drivers. These maps are designed to predict the position of the vehicle within 3cms of the true position. The positioning is often monitored, tracked, and conveyed via satellites. The increasing demand for satellite-based navigation, data transfer, and internet connectivity has driven tremendous increase in satellite placement in lower orbit of earth. According to Nature journal, between 2019-2021, numbers of satellites have increased by 50% to take the total to 5,000, with companies like SpaceX planning to add 11,000 more in near future. Similar plans are underway from other companies including Telesat, OneWeb, Amazon, GW, and others. SpaceX has filed for permission for 30,000 satellites with Federal Communications Commission.

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The growing numbers of satellites are likely to have a major impact on the HD map for autonomous vehicle market. The satellites, and increased competition in providing communication services are likely to drive prices down tremendously, with growing choices for HD map providers, navigation device providers, and ultimately, the end-consumer.

Thanks to increased efficacy, and promise of HD maps, Brandessence Market Research estimates that the HD map for autonomous vehicles market size is set to grow to USD 18.31 billion by 2027 end. The HD map for autonomous vehicle is currently valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2020, and is set to rise by robust 31.79% CAGR.

HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Market: Key Trends

Growing autonomy in electric, and non-electric vehicle remains a major driver of growth in the HD map market. Autonomous vehicles are usually divided into 5 categories. Among these, the level 3 mandates the use of HD maps, which are essential for highly automated vehicles, with reduced dependency on human input. These HD maps offer a number of informational factors related to the surrounding environment. This includes road curvature, lanes per direction, lane width, among others. Such information is essential for deploying basic human instinct for an autonomous vehicle to make a decision. For example, if you wish to make a right turn, you are likely to remain on the right side of the road. The HD maps code this information with tags like ‘lane connectivity’. In order to make this turn, an autonomous vehicle needs additional information like curbs, emergency lanes, road work in progress, or yield signs. Such detection is either missing from regular maps, or incomplete. HD maps come laden with advanced sensors for vehicles to capture additional information in real-time, and pass it to the autonomous OS operating the vehicle.

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Layering of HD maps remains a key differentiator in product offerings for HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Companies. HD maps are usually offered in five layers. These include first layer, the base map, while second layer includes geometric map, and third layer embeds a semantic map. The fourth layer includes dynamic layering, which offers the key feature required for high-level automation in vehicles. The dynamic layer offers monitoring of road construction, accident zones, or maintenance stretches – the real-time data to make important decisions. The fifth layer is a rich offering of data analytics. This provides additional information like ‘expected number of children on road near a particular school, at a particular time’. This combines the advanced dynamic abilities, and learned knowledge as an experience to predict decisions ahead of time. The growing demand for advanced automation in passenger vehicles like Tesla, and growing need for such offerings in commercial vehicles remain key prospect for growth for players in the HD map for autonomous vehicles market.

Increased commitment from vehicle manufacturers to launch electric vehicles in the market remains a major prospect for players in the HD map market. According to the IEA, top 20 global manufacturers have committed to electric vehicle launches, who combine to sale a total of 90% of vehicles globally.

Furthermore, 18 have promised new offerings, with light-duty electric vehicles – they key category for majority of car sales. All four major truck manufacturers have also committed to an all-electric trucks in the near future.

Furthermore, consumer interest among electric vehicles, and advanced features remains high. The consumer spending on electric vehicle reached USD 120 billion in 2020. The support for elecgtric car sales also increased in key regions like Europe, which managed to overthrow China as the key market for electric vehicles. Despite increases in Europe, the global government support for electric car sales has decreased over the last five years. This indicates a growing interest among consumer, with strong demand for electric vehicles, globally.

HD Map for Autonomous Vehicles Market: Competitive Analysis

The HD map for autonomous vehicles market is a fragmented, innovative, and competitive landscape. The landscape offers major opportunities for innovations, thanks to increased collaboration, and growing efficacy of promising technology. Acquisitions, and mergers to capture larger market share remains an important aspect of the market. Some key players in the global HD map for autonomous vehicles market are HERE Technologies (the Netherlands), TomTom (the Netherlands), NVIDIA (US), Waymo (US), Dynamic Map Platform (Japan), Baidu (China), Zenrin (US), and NavInfo (China).

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