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Fintel’s short interest data identifies candidates for the week of November 28

NEW YORK, UNITED STATE, November 29, 2021 / --, a provider of advanced research tools for data-driven investors, has developed a mathematical model that provides investors and traders with data that helps quantify the short squeeze risk for a company. This model takes into account a number of factors that contribute to short squeezes, including relative short interest, borrow fee rates, trading volume, and others.

The Short Squeeze Leaderboard provides a leaderboard ranking of companies with the highest Short Squeeze Score so traders can easily identify companies with the highest likelihood. For traders who want to find short squeeze opportunities before they happen, the Short Squeeze Leaderboard is an ideal tool.

Below are notable Short Squeeze candidates as of November 28, 2021 at 8:00pm EST:

* PPSI / Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. (99.31)
Pioneer Power Solutions tops this week’s list with a score of 99.31. The company recently launched a mobile Electric Vehicle charging solution and in response, the shares gapped up significantly, popping from 3.25 / share to 12.30 / share a day and then closing at 6.00 / share last week. There are clearly doubters, as short interest leaped from just 32K shares at the end of October to 1.6M shares mid-November, a jump of 5,000%, and comprising 40.9% of the total float. Unshorted float is just 2.37M shares at this time. Additionally, the cost to borrow is an elevated 80.2%.

* NUZE / NuZee, Inc. (96.92)
NuZee is second on this week’s list with a score of 96.92. Like PPSI, NUZE recently gapped up, climbing from a low of 1.95 / share to 7.60 / share before closing at 3.75 / share last week. In response, raw short interest also jumped - from just 74.9K shares to 1.29M shares, a change of 1,621% and ultimately accounting for 11.20% of the total float. The cost to borrow NUZE shares is a whopping 136%, and the shares are on the REG SHO threshold list, which indicates a significant number of failures-to-deliver.

* NEGG / Newegg Commerce, Inc. (96.07)
Newegg Commerce is back on the list this week with a score of 96.07. The company hasn’t had quite the same price action as PPSI and NUZE, but it has seen some steady profits in the last few weeks. After a long period of significant decline to 11.73 / share, on November 8, the share price reversed the trend and started a steady climb, reaching a high of 22.20 last week and closing at 19.84 on Friday. In response, short interest jumped 102% in the first week of November, from 1.04M shares to 2.1M shares, an increase of 102%. The cost to borrow shares is currently 84%.

* PTPI - stock 4 is skipped for this release because their market cap is below 30

* RNXT / RenovoRX, Inc. (94.61)
RenovoRx is fourth on this week’s list with a score of 954.61. Raw short interest jumped from just 42K shares at the end of October to 643K shares in mid-November, a jump of 1,407% in just two weeks and comprising 9.74% of the total float. The cost to borrow shares is currently at 101.7%.

* PETZ / TDH Holdings, Inc. (94.49)
TDH Holdings is last on this week’s list with a score of 94.61. Raw short interest jumped from just 41K shares at the end of October to 2.56M shares in mid-November, an increase of 6000%. This comprises 7.28% of the total float.

Short Squeeze Scores scoring model ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being most likely, relative to its peers.

The Short Squeeze Leaderboard also compiles data like Short Interest % Float, Change in Volume, Change in Price, and Borrow Fee Rate into an easy-to-use leaderboard for investors to reference when making decisions.

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