New Speed Typing Competition £5 Cash Prize for the Fastest Typist over 15 Seconds every Wednesday

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Weekly £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Logo

Weekly £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition Logo

Daily £5 Big Match Prize Table Values

Daily £5 Big Match Prize Table Values

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Cash Prizes!

From 1st December 2021 hosts Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition each Tuesday night at 8pm and closing 24 hours later at 8pm Wednesday.

We've given away over £2,000 in cash prizes to our speed typing competitors since April 2020 and we'll be adding another £2,000 in 2022”
— Tony Rust - Managing Direct Better Skills, Better Life Ltd
BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 30, 2021 / -- New Daily Competition starts Wednesday 1st December are the only regular cash prize speed typing competitions on the Internet and from 1st December they will run the first ever regular daily cash prize speed typing competition, every Wednesday. It’s a 15 second quick and easy to do typing challenge, and if you win, you win the Daily Fiver, a cash prize paid into your bank account or alternatively, by PayPal or Amazon voucher. The competition is free to enter and is carried out online through the competition’s multi-featured typing interface on the website.

You could make a mistake but still win
Each competitor can enter as many times as they want within the 24 hours of the competition and it’s the fastest and most accurate typist who wins, well, sort of. The company spokesperson explains:-“We thrive on feedback, and having now conducted over one hundred speed typing cash prize competitions of various sorts we believe that there is an appetite for a bit of quick mid-week fun at home, in school or at work with a daily cash prize speed typing competition. It’s free to enter and you’ve got the chance of a handy little cash prize.”

“The Daily £5 Prize Fastest Typist Competition will run for just one day a week to begin with and if the demand requires it we’ll add more days each week. Like our Weekly £10 and Monthly £30 Prize speed typing competitions, there will be a league structure of Winners, Champions and Hall of Famers so that the faster typists can graduate from the daily competition to what we call Big Matches where the cash prizes are higher.”

“The regular Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist and Monthly£30 Prize Fastest Typist Competitions have always had accuracy at the heart of their scoring system, with highest WPM and the highest accuracy beating the highest pure WPM score. However, this has been modified recently such that all accuracy scores over 98.5% are ranked the same for scoring purposes, so if you make the odd mis-keying, you aren’t penalised. This should take the pressure off being 100% accurate and will let the competitors concentrate on their speed a bit more.”

The league structure for Daily Competition higher cash prizes
Details are yet to be finalised but it is expected that the league structure will work on the basis that if a Daily Competition winner wins four competitions with any ten week period then they become a Champion after which they have to take a four week mandatory break, and then, if they win two more daily competitions within any ten week period, they will become a Hall of Famer and can no longer take part in the daily competition. This is so that no one competitor dominates the competition. However, those competitors who win through to these leagues can take part in Daily Big Match Speed Typing Competitions where competitors within each league compete against each other for higher cash prizes of £25, £50 and £75 respectively. is the biggest cash prize speed typing competition website on the Internet, hosting regular weekly and monthly cash prize fastest typist competitions and sending prize money all over the world. The higher prize money competitions are structured according to a league system of Winners Champions and Hall of Famers.

A note about the BIG MATCHES
• Winners Big Match – held every ten new unique Winners
• Champions Big Match – held every ten new unique Champions
• Famers Big Match – held every seven new unique Famers

*All keystroke data is stored in The BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database for validation and analytical purposes.

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