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Denise Zack of Ripple Affect Life Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VIERA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 / -- With every new beginning and every breath, we can feel more effective and take control of our life.

Denise Zack is a certified life coach, meditation instructor, yoga teacher and the founder of Ripple Affect Life Coaching, LLC where she offers wellness-based consulting, meditation, mindfulness and yoga for individuals and businesses.

“People feel like they're swimming in this river of chaos,” says Denise. “I want to give them a life jacket, but more than that, I want to teach them how to swim.”

Prior to launching Ripping Affect, Denise was a Licensed Professional Counselor for 20 years. She started meditating and practicing mindfulness in 2011.

“As a therapist, I was helping people put their lives back together when difficult things happened,” recalls Denise. “When I switched over to being a life coach, I'm not diving into their past in the same way as therapy. I am acknowledging how the past impacts them today and what patterns may have emerged as a result of the traumas or challenges they experienced. I have gotten to a space where I am able to marry these two things together to help people achieve inner peace.

Throughout her career, Denise found that stress and anxiety were the number one problem her clients struggled with. Denise says that negative brain habits are what cause individuals to repeat unhealthy thoughts patterns and get triggered over and over again.

“Everyday stressors wreak havoc on us to create emotional overload and emotional unrest,” says Denise. "Exacerbated by our own mental habits, our reactions become impulsive, which means our ability to make good decisions is impaired.”

This led Denise to develop a specialized method of Mindful Life Coaching. Denise’s unique approach helps her clients identify their unproductive patterns and change them to gain emotional control over their lives and work through difficult situations in a more effective way. It is easy to use Denise's method and to put it into practice on a daily basis.

“I give people the tools they need to become more mindful and reflective about their reactions in their world, as well as how they perceive themselves and others,” says Denise. “I want my clients to use their emotions in more skillful ways that facilitate their thinking rather than react to circumstances and lose their cool. If you practice mindfulness, you can develop more control over your reactions and create new patterns.”

Denise works with those who want to better themselves in business, their personal life, in individual and in group sessions.

“My goal is to get as many people educated in mindfulness as possible,” says Denise. “Mindfulness helps me to be a better person. It helps me be more empathetic. It helps me to be more rational. And I think we need more empathetic and rational people in our world, because everybody's so reactive and emotional and angry and agitated these days. We need an intense push in the opposite direction, because we're moving in the wrong direction in terms of our emotional intelligence and our interactions with one another.”

Close Up Radio will feature Denise Zack an interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 30th at 12pm EST

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