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Minnesota Fights COVID-19 With Nobel Nominated Technology

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The M3 System Delivery Module

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Innovative Nobel Prize Nominated Technology Available To Get All Buildings Opened And Provide 24/7/365 Occupant Safety

Multiple buildings of every use are finding that they can now keep occupants safe from COVID-19 and get back to the business of opening America.”
— Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. President, GICC LLC
ST PAUL, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, November 25, 2021 / -- Paul Jordan, President of the Corval Group, located in St. Paul, Minnesota has brought Nobel Prize nominated COVID-19 Building Protection to Minnesota ant to all buildings affected there and in the region.

Earlier this year Paul made a trip down to North Miami, Florida to visit with Arthur V. Martin Ph.D., president of Global Infection Control Consultants, LLC. Dr. Martin has spent 20+ years developing an organic based, chemical, drug and alcohol-free solution affective against a wide range of pathogens. He also developed an automated system to work in conjunction with the building HVAC system.

The product and system have been used globally in buildings of various use. It is the most modern technology to get your building back up to full occupancy and full operation. It is totally adaptable to Schools, Hospitals, Retail, Houses of Worship, Industrial Production, Sport Venues and will allow restaurants to provide safe occupancy for patrons again.

The system works on what is known as The Brownian Theory of Motion. The Brownian Theory describes how particles such as pathogenic fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses move randomly about in the air we breathe. By developing a methodology to infuse billions of individual pathogen-killing molecules into the air which also move randomly they come in contact with pathogens and kill them.

The efficacy of the ground breaking technology far exceeds results produced by current technologies such as HEPA filters, UV (Ultraviolet Light) and Bipolar Ionization. One of the USA’s largest textile outlets has been using our technology in more than 500 retail outlets in the USA and overseas to protect employees and visitors since 2012.

“Having designed and built Clean Rooms, Hospital Operating Suites and Bio-Safety Laboratories around the world for nearly 40 years my approach was to be able to control and or eliminate pathogens but do it more efficiently and more effectively than any current technology utilizing organic materials and methods” said Dr. Martin.

In May of 2021 the CDC finally recognized that the main problem with the spread of COVID-19 was not doorknobs and elevator buttons. It was, is and will continue to be the air we breathe. The average adult breathes as much as 25,000 liters of air/day and everything in it.

The M3 System® technology takes direct aim at this problem and the results are proven. Total identified pathogen count as a variety of ten, was reduced to 5 in just 30 hours with the remaining five at 12% quantification of the original count in a Manhattan eatery near Madison Square Garden.

Total pathogen air content in 650,000 Sq. Ft. production facility was reduced by 90% before all planned units became operational. Total number of commercial building occupants in a Florida installation testing positive after extended contact with outside infected people……..Zero. The success stories accumulate daily.
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