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Bron Williams: The Bias Specialist

Bron Williams

The Bias Specialist

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Bron Williams has had an intriguing life which has seen her working with the destitute in Nauru and has also led a school dedicated to kids with special needs.

The reality is all of us are biased from the smallest child to the oldest adult; it’s part of how we think. It’s part of being a human being and it does have some difficult consequences.”
— Bron Williams
ST MAIDSTONE , VICTORIA , AUSTRALIA , December 6, 2021 / -- “The Bias SpecialistBron Williams has had an intriguing life which has seen her working with asylum seekers in the Pacific Island of Nauru, teaching children with special needs and leading a school, as well as managing a Salvation Army centre and running a church.

After discovering her own unconscious bias, formulated by her conservative background, Williams is now determined to make bias conscious in the corporate world rather than aiming to eliminate unconscious bias. Instead, she has realized that we are better served accepting that we are the result of our environment and inherently biased.

“In Nauru, I could see things in myself that that did not fit the way I viewed myself. The first was latent racism caused by growing up in a largely white, middle-class, and conservative Australia. The other was a sense of superiority that I noticed in myself and the other white ex-pats working there. The two biases that I did not intend to have in my life were there. That started me on a journey that I have turned into a business. I help government and sporting departments, as well as businesses, look for the biases in their thinking that are influencing their decision-making,” said Williams while speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with host Phil Pelucha.

A fact of life is that most people have unconscious biases in one way or another. This is shaped by the environments, cultures, and countries in which we grew up. While some people may fear working with different types of people from different backgrounds, it is imperative that all leaders who hope to expand their work multi-nationally learn about how to manage biases.

“Bias is part of how we think. I went from seeing difference as a threat to seeing it as an asset and appreciating the different ways people look at things. We all want to be loved and feel safe. The difference broadens our understanding like travel does as we see differences and learn how to appreciate them,” said Williams.

Many people believe that they are free from bias and feel that bias education is unnecessary. However, by not learning about it, you diminish your ability to achieve your true potential and form vital strategic alliances with like-minded people.

Instead of eliminating bias, Williams believes that we should accept that we are inherently biased. She believes that we can develop targeted strategies to drive successful growth and change by making our biases conscious.

“The reality is all of us are biased from the smallest child to the oldest adult; it’s part of how we think. It’s part of being a human being and does have some difficult consequences. You can realize that you are not a bad person due to some beliefs but realize that you have some unhelpful views,” said Williams.
Research has proven that diverse teams are the most successful. Due to this, one must learn about biases to help prevent unnecessary and easily avoidable conflicts from occurring.

“McKinsey researched 366 different companies in Latin America, the UK, USA, and Canada and found that companies that are in the top 25% for racial and ethnic diversity and which were intentional about expanding difference within their company had a 15% growth in their net profit above their industry mediums. So studies have proven that it’s good for businesses to look at preconceived ideas that we are not aware of as we go about our daily interactions,” said Williams.

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