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David Henning: Passionate about empowering people

David Henning

Billionaires in Boxers

Founder of the Freshstart company, David Henning is a bestselling author and international podcaster who has dedicated his life to being an encourager.

I was honored to win many sales awards, did award-winning TV commercials, and wrote a book on the Power of Encouragement which became a bestseller on Amazon. I love to encourage small business owners.”
— David Henning
LOS ALTOS , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , November 25, 2021 / -- Founder of the Freshstart Company David Henning is a bestselling author, John Maxwell coach, and international podcaster who has dedicated his life to being an encourager. His purpose and passion is to see people for what they can become when given a simple positive word of hope and recognition.

Henning has had a colorful background.

“I’ve been in sales for years and worked for ten different radio stations in major metro markets throughout the United States. In addition, I was a DJ and talk show host. During my career, I was honored to win many sales awards, did award-winning TV commercials, and wrote a book on the Power of Encouragement which became a bestseller on Amazon. I especially love to encourage small business owners. We’ve all been through a lot during the last season of our lives,” said Henning while speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha.

Henning works with a company called LegalShield, protecting and empowering over 4.4 million lives in the United States and Canada. Their aim is to help businesses, start-ups, and families address legal challenges, giving affordable access to law firms with seasoned attorneys in every area of law who have an average of 22-years of legal experience. LegalShield is actively growing throughout the United States and Canada.

“Our legal plans include contract review for real-estate, landlords and tenants, employees, or even buying a car or cell phone. Our lawyers are prepaid and required to call you within four hours or less during normal business hours to tell you what you can or cannot do, saving you time and money. Plus, you have access to an attorney for emergencies to protect your rights 24 hours a day. We are similar to what companies like Amazon and Spotify do, in that we are a subscription-based crowdfunding model,” said Henning.

For around $70 per month, one can get the LegalShield family plan which covers everyone living at home, including children under 26, whether they live at home or are full-time students. It also includes an identity theft plan with licensed private investigators for privacy and reputation management, rated number 1 by Forbes for two years. There are also powerful small-business plans that include collection letters and lawsuit protection with an entire menu of services.

With so many employees out of work now, Henning aims to help people increase their earning potential, happiness, and income. He takes pride in helping people he works with turn their businesses into something profitable by working for around four hours per week part-time.

“In this industry, we support each other like family. For example, I know a lady who is the mayor’s executive assistant in a city where I lived. After becoming an Associate of LegalShield, with only her lunch hour and commute time in her car to make her calls, she was able to replace her income and retire from her corporate job,” said Henning.

With the working world constantly changing in the fourth industrial revolution, most people must identify sources to earn a second income. LegalShield offers many people the opportunity to make a stable part-time or spare-time second income to supplement their salary earnings.

“If somebody signs up right now, their membership will be activated immediately. So they can also become an associate immediately and get to work to start making money right away. The payment is a direct deposit made daily. This is not for everyone and it may or may not be for you,” said Henning.

If you want to partner or work with Henning through LegalShield, he invites you to a free webinar that explains everything in 30 minutes every weeknight. Alternately, you can go to and schedule a free 15-minute small business call where Henning will answer all your questions, including those related to the four-hour workweek. The advice that you receive from Henning could help you to make or save $15 000 or more.

As a small business owner for several years, Henning enjoys sharing his expertise and coaching. He has saved a lot of money over the years through simple business practices and hopes to share his knowledge with you.

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