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Delaying Medical Care After an Accident Can Lead to Serious Health Consequences

Accident Victims Should Seek Comprehensive Medical Care Right Away to Improve their Chances of Recovery

UNITED STATES, November 22, 2021 / -- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accidents lead to millions of injuries each year. Whether the accident occurs on the road, or in the workplace, victims need to ensure they receive proper medical attention right away, so they decrease their risk of mortality, and correspondingly increase their chances of thoroughly recovering and returning back to their daily routine.

Research studies have been conducted to determine the effects of delayed access to healthcare on patients, and the results are clearly in favor of seeking immediate medical attention whenever possible after getting into an accident.

One such study published in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine examined patients across 5 different hospitals and determined that those patients who delayed their healthcare ended up experiencing longer hospital stays and poorer health outcomes. This study also determined that 64% of these patients delayed their healthcare because they assumed their condition was not very serious.

Another more recent retrospective observational study published in the Journal Health Services Research determined that there is a definitive association between delayed outpatient healthcare and negative health outcomes. One of these negative outcomes is an increased chance of mortality for those who delay seeking medical help after they have been injured.

Earlier Medical Care after a Workplace Accident Results in Quicker Recovery

In support of the abovementioned studies, a retrospective cohort study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine revealed supporting information that further proves the requirement of seeking immediate medical attention after an accident.
This study explored disability lengths based on the date of reporting after the injury was first faced. The results showed that the shorter the lag time was for reporting the injury, the shorter the disability length was as well. This direct relationship indicates that workers who opt to seek immediate medical care after their injury are able to recover faster.

Seeking Comprehensive Medical Care from a Qualified Health Professional

“If you’re hurt in an accident, you should seek immediate medical care because you have no way of knowing how severe your injuries are unless you have an expert examine you carefully. You may feel fine at first, but as the hours and days pass you may begin to feel the severity of your injuries by which time your condition has already gotten a lot worse. You can save yourself the time and trouble by simply making sure you go to a doctor right away after getting into any sort of accident.”
Says Doctor Jack Norsworthy, the founder of the Comprehensive Accident and Injury Center

The reason seeking immediate medical care is so integral is because if a qualified doctor is able to examine the patient right away, they can determine the root cause of the problem and begin the patient on a treatment plan as soon as possible. However, if the patient goes home and continues exerting the same amount of force on their body as they normally would, they can easily aggravate the injury and make matters a lot worse than they already are. Anyone who suffers in an accident should make sure they go for a medical checkup at their earliest convenience to improve their chances of recovering. Next time you're injured in an accident, consider moving quickly - as your injuries can progress over time if left untreated, or undiagnosed altogether.

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