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Straight My Teeth Now Offers Teeth Straightening In As Fast As 4 Months

Clear Braces For Teeth Straightening

Clear Braces

Popular teeth aligner brand Straight My Teeth offers teeth straightening aligners with treatment yielding results as early as four months.

STAINES, SURREY, ENGLAND, November 22, 2021 / -- Straight My Teeth has been one of the major brands in teeth aligning solutions for numerous years. The company focuses on affordable direct-to-customer clear aligners (also known as clear braces or invisible braces) that help patients straighten their teeth without using regular metallic braces. Over the years, Straight My Teeth has created a reputation based on reliable, trusted results and affordability.

Although the brand offers one of the most affordable teeth straightening aligners on the market, many users considered the treatment period a bit too long, especially when other companies within the industry can deliver results in a shorter time. This led to many customers calling for Straight My Teeth to match or give a better offer than these other brands regarding the treatment duration. Fortunately, the company listened and now offers teeth straightening treatment in as fast as four months.

The Straight My Teeth aligner has been designed for one main objective - to help people straighten their teeth at home with the convenience they need. Before, the treatment duration lasted 11 months. But after listening to the constructive feedback of customers, the StraightMyTeeth treatment duration has been improved to a period of four to six months, and that’s for the company’s regular clear aligners. But that’s not all, as the company has now introduced a NightOnly treatment option, which can straighten teeth within six to eight months.

Straight My Teeth understands how challenging it can be for anyone with an active lifestyle to wear clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. And the NightOnly clear aligners have been designed to be the perfect solution for those with active lifestyles. That means instead of wearing the StraightMyTeeth clear aligners during the day, you can opt for the NightOnly clear aligners to wear at night for a period of eight to ten hours per night.

How about affordability?
The company hasn’t held back on its resolve to make its clear aligners affordable. Customers can currently benefit from a huge BlackFriday offer of £325 off their clear aligners. Customers can also enjoy affordable payment plans for any of the clear aligners.

Worry-free protection
Customers can also benefit from a worry-free protection plan to get additional protection for their straightened smile. The plan offers six years of supply of clear retainers for buyers to keep their teeth straight.

Easy process
Straight My Teeth has also simplified the processes involved in giving you a perfect smile. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps:
-Start with a risk-free impression kit, which includes a treatment plan designed by UK-registered dentists.
-Purchase your clear aligners after approval of your treatment plan.
-Maintain your straight teeth and dream smile by using a set of complementary retainers.

Press inquiries can be directed to the Straight My Teeth office on 0203 3320 076, or you can email the StraightMyTeeth team at You can also visit the Straight My Teeth website at

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