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GK-GermKiller® Brings Hospital-Grade Disinfection to Homes and Workplaces

GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants are certified to be Hospital-Grade Disinfectants.

SINGAPORE, December 9, 2021 / -- Germs cause diseases and diseases can result in serious health consequences.

GK-GermKiller®'s customers depend on the products to be as effective as claimed, considering that human health and lives are at stake. Many consumer products make claims but few are able to prove it.

With that in mind, GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants are formulated to the highest levels of efficacy and subjected to the scrutiny of international certifications to achieve strict benchmarks.

GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants are certified to be Hospital-Grade Disinfectants. Disinfectants that once were only used in the strictest of hygiene environments – the hospital – can now be brought to homes and workplaces. Understandably, unlike in a hospital setting where disinfectants are applied by professionals, GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants were formulated for frequent use by the consumer, in their homes and with their families.

GK-GermKiller® products stand out as the most heavily certified disinfectants in terms of human safety while meeting international standards for real-world efficacy against common and deadly pathogens. GK Air™, GK Surface™ and GK Concentrate™ have been tested in accordance to both internationally recognised U.S. EPA and Australia’s TGA requirements for Hospital-Grade surface disinfectants. It is a testament of GK-GermKiller®'s commitment to protecting users against sickness-causing pathogens.


A Hospital-Grade disinfectant represents the highest grade of disinfection to kill the most common harmful microorganisms. It means that the disinfectant is able to perform the functions of bactericides (kill harmful bacteria), virucides (kill pathogenic viruses) and fungicides (destroy fungus).

Most consumer-grade disinfectants provide efficacy studies under ideal situations, typically without the interference of organic soil, that is, other contaminants commonly found in the environment (such as blood, saliva, body fluids) that can compromise the performance of a disinfectant.

In order to achieve Hospital-Grade certification, a disinfectant’s kill efficacy is measured by testing it against a list of test organisms that are harboured in organic soil using 5% fetal bovine serum. In other words, the disinfectant must not just inactivate the pathogens it is tested against, it must also do so in a real-world scenario (as opposed to idealized lab-scenario) of having interfering contaminants limiting its action. In achieving Hospital-Grade certification, GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants are certified to be effective against such bacteria that may be shielded underneath any biofluid or dirt.

Hospital-Grade disinfectants are recommended for use in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, sickrooms, childcare centres and schools where hygiene is a priority. Be it at home or at the workplace, using GK-GermKiller® Disinfectants provides a high degree of certainty to achieve the hospital standard of cleanliness and hygiene, keeping everyone safe from harmful pathogens.

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Vance Chemicals Pte Ltd
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