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Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma Becomes Official Selection at Culver City Film Festival

The Most Important Film You Will See All Year

The Cost of Justice in America

Minnesota! Modern Day Selma is the Definitive George Floyd Film

Every Police Officer in the Nation Should See this Film

Film Will Screen on December 5th at 4pm at the Cinemark 16 Howard Hughes Center

Minnesota, fits in with our mission to inspire others to make a difference wherever they can.”
— Michael Meyer
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2021 / -- Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma Becomes Official Selection at Culver City Film Festival

The Film Achieved a Theatrical Release at Laemmle Theaters in Santa Monica with an Impressive $1420 per Screen Weekend Box office, now the film will screen at the prestigious Culver City Film Festival. Currently, the film has been entered into the Academy Awards. "We know it is a long shot," said film Director, Michael Douglas Carlin, "but the timing of our film is really good as there are few films that can actually start the conversation that could lead to meaningful solutions."

In a time, post covid, when almost anything can happen, Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma in its theatrical release racked up an impressive per screen average of $1,420 on a single screen at the Laemmle Monica Film Complex in Santa Monica, California. Minnesota beat out big screen films, Disney’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Last Duel, Free Guy, Mass, Jungle Cruise, Lamb, National Geographic’s Becoming Cousteau, Dear Evan Hansen, I’m your Man, Searchlight’s The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and Universal’s Candyman in most cases by nearly double.

The film is a civil rights anthem in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd Murder that follows civil rights activist Joe Collins on his path to make a difference in police reform. Many in the previous audiences have commented that every police force in the country should require their officers to watch the film.

Native Stars, the production company, exists to create films elevating those oppressed by either circumstances or other people. “Minnesota, fits in with our mission to inspire others to make a difference wherever they can,” said Michael Meyer, company President. “We are proud of our participation in this important film and applaud the director, Michael Douglas Carlin, with whom I have had a longstanding business and personal friendship with for many decades.”

The film has won 13 awards in Film Festivals and has become an official selection over 24 times.

Said Executive Producer, Andy Libby, “The landscape for small films like this is becoming increasingly difficult in the current climate. Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma, is a phenomenon that will only grow in importance over the coming years.” Worldwide Distribution services are being provided by MVD Entertainment Group.

Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma Review (written by Heather Ryland of Century City News):


Murder is wrong!

When it is done in abuse of authority, it threatens every plank securing American Freedoms… global freedoms.

That is the opening premise of this new MUST SEE documentary film; Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma by acclaimed documentarian, Michael Douglas Carlin.

We all saw the images flashing around the world. We heard George Floyd plead for his life. We were witness to those other officers running cover for a rogue cop. We saw injustice and we all wanted our opportunity to be there that day to tackle those officers, to overrun them and release George Floyd from his torturer. But none of us could bring him back. His life was lost in the struggle for balance between the law enforcement and the citizens.

Nobody was surprised as anger turned to flames engulfing the city. Nobody that saw that video of the George Floyd Murder was surprised to see protesters marching in the streets, world-wide. It was our "come to Jesus” moment as a society. It was the day that everything we knew in our world was forever changed.

Just months before, we learned that a deadly virus was coming to claim millions of lives. We were all wary of the impact this virus would have and most of us wanted to avoid becoming a casualty, but that regard for our own lives was far overshadowed by our need to stand for justice. We knew as a society we could not remain silent for the very last pillar of justice was under siege. Tens of millions of protesters, world-wide, ignored the Coronavirus to take a stand for justice… for doing what was right.

Angela Stanton King reached out to Joe Collins and set him in motion. He quickly assembled a team to go to Minnesota and stand in solidarity with the grieving families of police violence. He had the beginnings of a plan and he set out to make a change.

Michael Douglas Carlin was there by his side capturing it all as events dangerously unfolded before their eyes, while the protesters around them mourned , the media in helicopters filmed from above and the police in riot gear barred their way with warning shots and tear gas.

Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma is not just a movie, it is the opportunity to experience firsthand what political activist and leader Joe Collins, himself, experienced as he saw politicians running for cover, buildings engulfed in flames, and anger boiling over. Joe Collins will undoubtedly go on to accomplish many things in his life, and his leadership in the immediate aftermath of the George Floyd Murder brought people to rally around him peacefully as he built an unlikely coalition to create meaningful change in the streets of Minneapolis. Collins made an impact beyond the borders of one city or one race, teaching us all that we can and we must let our voices ring out against injustice in meaningful ways.

This film tells America to take heart, that whatever wrong you see, can be met with love and strength through compassion. That each of us can be a pillar of positive change in our own communities.

This documentary should be studied by future generations to teach them how to strengthen our communities though love. The human heart will forever be mightier than any weapon built to break a man’s spirit.

About Director Michael Douglas Carlin:

Director, Michael Douglas Carlin is known for his research on the murders of Tupac and Biggie focused on the connections between the Rampart Scandal and Death Row Records. When the murder of George Floyd happened, he followed a team of people including Congressional Candidate Joe Collins down to Minnesota to document their experiences fighting for justice. Carlin has won 3 Best Director Awards for Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma.

About Producer Omar Bradley:

Film producer, Omar Bradley is known for his role in shutting down the corrupt Compton Police Department while Mayor of Compton. He brought his sensitivities to this film in understanding the need for police reform that must be carefully balanced with every community’s need for quality policing. Bradley has won 7 Awards for the production of Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma.

Production Team
Michael Douglas Carlin • Director, Writer, Editor, Videographer
Omar Bradley • Producer
Joe Collins • Executive Producer
Pierre Akinroluyo • Executive Producer
Michael Meyer • Executive Producer – Native Stars
John Rothschild • Executive Producer
Olga Dame Rothschild • Executive Producer
Andy Libby • Executive Producer
H. Evie Ryland • Executive Producer
Louis Alexander • Executive Producer
Still Photographer • Sergio Estevez
Helane Freeman • Color Correction
Daniel Horton • Sound Editor
Donna Bullock-Carrera • Fair Use Attorney
Helane Freeman • Title Design

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Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma Official Trailer