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Brittany Bexton: Learning To Believe Again

Book: Learning To Believe Again: 30 Days To Finding Hope, Faith & Comfort In God’s Truth

Brittany Bexton LIVE performance at Nashville venue

Singer, Songwriter & Author Brittany Bexton speaks out about the story behind her Songs, Book, Podcast and upcoming EP.

Writing and singing has meant a lot to me in my own healing, and I truly hope that my music, and book helps to soothe and encourage others to open their hearts to live, love and believe again.”
— Brittany Bexton
NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 / -- Brittany Bexton grew up along the northern California coast, with Aretha Franklin, Motown, and rock & roll as part of the soundtrack to her childhood. She didn’t grow up in a musical family, but she’s lived her life as a musical soul. Brittany would tell you that music isn’t just what she does, it’s part of who she is. At two, she climbed on stage at a campout and sang for the campers. Her mother says that she should have known then what Brittany would spend her life doing.

Brittany started writing music before she was a teen, weaving stories into songs. She sang in church choirs, soaked up every music class she could in school, and received private voice tutoring with four master teachers. For college, she attended PCPA, a musical theater conservatory, and she worked as an actor, singer, and dancer in professional theater, as well as film and commercial work for years before moving to Nashville in 2011 to become a full time touring and recording artist.

Her training is evident in her powerful, smooth and consistent vocals. However, what makes Brittany’s performances compelling isn’t her technique, but the passion and life she brings to the stage. Her intuitive heart for music and the way she connects to the story and passion of a song is captivating.

Since her relocation to Music City, Brittany has released two Eps (self-titled and “Free Fall”), as well as two singles from her upcoming EP; and has performed at many venues, fairs and festivals in 18 states, sharing the spotlight with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jason Sellers and Sarah Buxton among others. In addition to the US, her music has gained worldwide popularity.

Having endured a series of traumatic life-changing experiences, Brittany turned to her faith and her love of music to write. As an active advocate against domestic abuse, Brittany works closely with various charities and organizations dedicating her time to lend assistance in awareness.

“After years of pushing down my pain and grief, and leaving my trauma unprocessed, I realized I suffered with PTSD. The condition brought on trauma triggers and severe emotional flashbacks. My decision to work through the healing process was treacherous, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made,” states, Brittany Bexton. “Writing and singing has meant a lot to me in my own healing, and I truly hope that my music, and book helps to soothe and encourage others to open their hearts to live, love and believe again.”

Brittany’s single release “BELIEVE AGAIN” coincided with the drop of her first book, “Learning To Believe Again: 30 Days To Finding Hope, Faith & Comfort In God’s Truth” (Morgan James Publishing/Feb. 4, 2020). This publication is a compassionate guide for those struggling to find faith and hope in midst of pain. Throughout the pages, Bexton explores some of the heavier topics in the Bible, such as loss, abuse and trauma, while reminding readers of the power of faith and God’s love to offer comfort and breakthrough even in the most trying times.

“I knew that “BELIEVE AGAIN” would be meaningful to many people. But after the chaos of 2020 the song is more poignant than ever. Everyone could use an extra dose of encouragement and hope.” - Brittany Bexton

There are a lot of fears that we face in life, some logical, some not. Many of us struggle with fear that is not logical and hinders us, building up walls that can prevent us from reaching our goals, happiness, and full potential. That’s what Brittany's current single, "KISSIN' FEAR GOODBYE" is about: overcoming the tormenting fear that keeps you stuck where you no longer belong and the worry that you are not good enough.

Bexton states- "I had just gone through some personal breakthroughs facing fear when I wrote this song, and it gave me such a huge sense of freedom. I wanted to write "KISSIN' FEAR GOODBYE" as a song of empowerment, embracing the freedom that comes with disregarding the lies that fear tells us, and instead taking positive action despite fear. I wanted to personify fear, because often it takes on a role in our lives as if it is an abusive person, lying to us, and tearing us down. I have dealt with crippling fear at points in my life. But, at some point I knew that I could not let fear drive the car anymore. I was tired of the lies fear whispered to me, and the ways it held me back, so I made a conscious choice to say, enough is enough and face those fears, and find freedom and healing. That is what this song is about. The freedom that comes from looking your fear in the face, and saying I’m done with you."

Brittany’s next single, “DANCE WITH THE DEVIL,” will be released early in 2022. The rocking single is about the damage that’s done when we ignore the truth in our gut, and allow ourselves to make compromises in toxic relationships, or our integrity.

Brittany believes that her music and writing have a greater purpose to bring joy, laughter, connection and hope to her listeners. At this point in her life and career she is getting to experience the joy of what it means when God turns things around for the good. Brittany’s now encouraging and helping others facing similar circumstances, by sharing personal insight, testimonies, and her belief and faith in God. She recently started a new podcast titled “The Learning to Believe Again Podcast.” The podcast is interview focused with both Brittany, and her guests sharing personal testimonies, miracles, and stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness in their lives even through the dark times.

When Brittany is not touring or speaking, she’s in Nashville, connecting with loved ones, songwriting, and working with organizations to raise awareness of domestic abuse. You can keep up to date with Brittany, and her shows and events at as well as on Facebook and Instagram @BrittanyBexton

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Brittany Bexton - "KISSIN' FEAR GOODBYE"