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GIDEON Infectious Diseases Database Achieves AA-Level Accessibility Conformance: More Inclusivity in Epidemiology

Image: GIDEON application displayed on four devices

Image: GIDEON application displayed on four different size devices

We strongly believe that persons with disabilities, including varying levels of visual impairment, have every right to access, learn, study, and help the world fight against infectious diseases”
— Kristina Symes, Managing Director at GIDEON Informatics
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2021 / -- GIDEON Informatics is now one of the most inclusive scientific technology platforms. The comprehensive infectious disease and epidemiology network achieved AA-level compliance with WCAG 2.0 global electronic accessibility standards. WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are international standards to make websites and web applications more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

“We strongly believe that persons with disabilities, including varying levels of visual impairment, have every right to access, learn, study, and help the world fight against infectious diseases,” stated Kristina Symes, Managing Director at GIDEON Informatics. “Over 200 publications have already used GIDEON for their research. With our new AA-level accessibility, all academic and corporate users can leverage the platform to advance the field of epidemiology.”

Keith Pickett, Coordinator of Research Services & User Resources at Tulane University Libraries, said:

“Given the wide range of professional students, faculty, and researchers our library supports, it is vital that our electronic resources be as accessible as possible for everyone. Meeting the Level AA compliance standard ensures that our library users will be able to utilize GIDEON to its fullest potential in order to improve both learning and patient outcomes.”

One billion people worldwide live with some form of disability (WHO) and can benefit from the more accessible tech. As a result, there is a huge demand from universities and schools for platforms that help deliver more inclusive educational experiences to students and faculty.

The GIDEON team designed the entire application with accessibility requirements in mind - right from the start. The usability and accessibility underwent robust testing through hundreds of users from 164 countries and a series of internal and external audits. Months of development work were dedicated to ensuring that the GIDEON web application can be used by everyone, regardless of physical disability.

The GIDEON web application is trusted by many reputed academic and healthcare institutions globally. Many more individuals can now navigate the vast database to gain insights. GIDEON offers epidemiological and clinical data for over 2,000 pathogens and 360 diseases and is updated daily. There are 23,600 country-specific notes, including lists of notable cross-border events. Using the company’s GIDEON R package offers an added convenience - researchers can access the GIDEON database with minimal coding.

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GIDEON Informatics exists to advance the global effort against infectious disease. The company was founded in 1992 and produces the GIDEON web application and an ebook series for health professionals and educators.

GIDEON toolkit helps protect society by providing reliable, timely epidemiological data. The application saves doctors precious time in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases and provides state-of-the-art tools to train the healthcare workers of tomorrow.

Hundreds of customers worldwide, including educational institutions, hospitals, public health departments, and microbiology laboratories, have chosen GIDEON as their diagnosis-and-reference tool for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology.

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