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Sunkissedcoconut shares why to wear Oversize Jackets this Winter


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2021 / -- The new decade is here and new trends are already making the buzz! High waist jeans, crop tops and boyfriend denim; basically this decade is all about choosing comfort and that’s the best of both worlds. As now-trendy clothes are designed to keep comfort and leisure into consideration. However, this is creating a kind of trouble for the people how are more into crisp and fitted clothing, as sticking to fit means being behind and at the same time comfy clothes may give shabby look. To beat this confusion, here are some awesome tips to carry your oversize jacket or blazer.

● Wear just the jacket
Don't be afraid to wear an enormous jacket on its own! Wear a big jacket or blazer as a top instead of layering with things beneath! Buttoning up an oversized jacket all the way to the top looks so adorable. For a basic, big appearance, leave the layering out of the equation.

● Keep it on your shoulders with a cardigan for looking cool and elegant at the same time
There is such a thing as the ideal early fall look, and this button-down cardigan + big denim jacket combination is it. When the mornings are cool but the afternoons are scorching hot (cough, cough, Chicago weather), having an additional layer to throw on is a must. And we're all ears when function meets fashion.

● Use the belt
The variation of this style that incorporates the ever-useful belt is maybe the most approachable. It will generate a shape based on the waist, which is the smallest area of the upper body.

● Use the contrast combination
This close perfect outfit combo can be worn in two ways: as a contrasting exercise set for a laid-back attitude, or as an upscale matching set for the trendiest brunch look ever. Whatever the occasion, this outfit will be sure to come to rescue the next time to find yourself in the all-too-familiar clothing crisis.

● Layer the oversize with fitted
If you’re going to layer, layer with tighter pieces! This is the real show-stealer, just carry your oversize denim jacket or blazer with a fitted bodysuit and denim/jegging and see what a diva will turn into.

● Pair it up with the elegant dress and boots
This outfit is likely to turn attention and earn you street praises you weren't searching for, thanks to its ideal blend of delicate and grungy. This is the outfit for all those to feel like the main character all day. Basically, nothing can scream “She has got everything” better than this look.

● Pair it up with skinny jeans
As discussed earlier, 20s’ fashion is the best of both worlds as it gives us comfort and style at the same time, but this look is the best of both worlds in terms of decades. Pair the 10s’ hit skinny denim with 20s’ heartthrob oversize jackets. We can never go wrong with this look! Rock the look on the brunches, coffee dates, hangouts or simply driving with BFF for a cup of coffee. That’s the ultimate combo of style and comfort in all senses.

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Tarun Ahir
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