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The leading provider of Richard Bandler certified NLP training launches new NLP Practitioner programme for professionals who want to super charge their careers.

I highly recommend Michael Beale of Business NLP Ltd. He is continually updating his skills with the most up to date models that I have developed.”
— Richard Bandler, NLP Co-Creator
MILTON KEYNES, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Business NLP Ltd, the leading international provider of 1:1 Richard Bandler certified NLP training has launched an updated 1:1 certified NLP Business Practitioner training programme.

The programme is designed for professional and business people of any age who demonstrate a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty and who want to make the very best of their business and professional lives, and also super-charge their careers.

The programme will be of particular interest to:
1) Successful specialists who want to develop their leadership and management careers.
2) Senior managers that want to be effective C-Suite contributors.
3) Company individuals who want to start their own businesses.
4) Leaders of small businesses who want to scale and take their businesses to the next level.

The programme consists of four phases:
1) Free discovery so potential clients can check that it's the very best programme for them, and the programme is tailored to their specific needs.
2) Revision of key communication and influence skills as this is the basis of career success.
3) Development of leadership, sales, coaching, project and stakeholder management skills as required for individual.
4) Integration - so the individual can develop what they've learnt on their own when the programme is finished. Many clients select a programme of executive coaching to maintain their development when the programme is finished.

The free discovery is available to anyone who is genuinely interested in programme, has an allocated budget and is clear what they want to achieve and how it might benefit them. The discovery phase includes:
1) a Marshall Goldsmith leadership assessment.
2) ICQ personality profile.
3) Gathering feed-forward from stakeholders.
4) Clarification of the client wants to achieve and a simple plan to achieve or overachieve it.

It's based on one 1-hour Zoom or Skype session a week over 6 months for existing NLP practitioners or over 9 months for those new to NLP. Within reason, additional sessions can be booked at no charge to address real life opportunities and challenges throughout the programme.

The 1:1 format works particularly well for ambitious individuals as:
1) The programme is tailored for their specific requirements.
2) They learn business and life applications, which they can test in their individual work situations.
3) The programme lasts long enough for successful techniques and behaviours to be embedded as success habits, which will be accessible for the participant's ongoing career.
4) When approaches don't appear to work, participants can book additional no charge sessions so they can be developed and refined until they do work - this often provides the most powerful learning from the programme.

The programme is led by Michael Beale. Michael is a certified Richard Bandler NLP trainer and coach trainer and a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team coach. He has been running Business NLP Ltd for 15+ years. Previously he has 30 years’ experience in buying, marketing, business development, and business strategy with major UK companies.

You can book a free 30 minute session to find out more here: https://nlp-training.org/contact-and-book-now/

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