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CEOWORLD Magazine Publishes “Is There a Brain Type at the Basis of Greatness?”

The Lines Show Areas of the Brain Connected through High Levels of Coherence

The Peaks Show How the Brain Wave Coherence During TM is Greater than in Sleep and How Brain Wave Coherence Grows as TM Practice Continues

Cover of The Coherence Effect book

The Coherence Effect book from Armin Lear Press

EEG brain wave coherence is associated with exceptional functioning, and research shows it can be generated through the Transcendental Meditation program

The lines in the first image show areas of the brain with high levels of brain wave coherence. There is a dramatic increase in brain wave coherence at the beginning of the TM meditation session.”
— Jay Marcus
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 6, 2021 / -- An article on brain wave coherence, its remarkable effects on brain functioning, and how it may be achieved, was published November 2, 2021, in CEOWORLD Magazine (

In the past year CEOWORLD Magazine has published several opinion pieces on how ancient knowledge can reduce workplace stress and increase well-being and performance. “This new publication may be the most important yet for business leaders,” says Jay Marcus, an opinion columnist for CEOWORLD and the author of the new article.

Marcus learned the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique in 1972 so he is not a novice when it comes to the subject. His first book, TM and Business (McGraw Hill Book Company), published in 1977, introduced the business community to the benefits of meditation. Even that early book touted the benefits from brain wave coherence (sometimes called brain wave synchrony).

Marcus says, “it’s logical that remarkably coherent thinking would be caused by a remarkably coherent brain. That has been known in the scientific community for many years. But it hasn’t been widely known that brain wave coherence can readily be generated through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.”

The CEOWORLD piece says most of us have some degree of brain wave coherence or our thinking would just be chaotic. The article cites substantial research, as well as the thinking of Harvard Medical School Professor of Psychiatry Robert W. McCarley. McCarley says “Synchronized [brain] rhythms characterize conscious thought, perception and problem solving” and that “our brains need a coherence of firing to organize perception and analysis of data from the world around us.”

Marcus says, Professor McCarley and others have long understood the importance of brain wave coherence to clear perception and analysis. But Marcus says, “What’s new is that the more brain wave coherence or synchrony that we have, the more our thinking will stand out in the crowd, and it's also news to most people that brain wave coherence can be developed”

The first image is taken from a research study on brain waves by Dr. Fred Travis of Maharishi International University ( The lines show areas of the brain where there is strong coherence connecting these areas. The study reflects the common experience that brain wave coherence increases slightly when the individuals just closed their eyes. Then, as is also common, there is a dramatic increase in coherence that begins at the start of the Transcendental Meditation session. And in just a few weeks or months of meditation, the meditators' experience significant coherence outside of the meditation session, which is when we want it for its practical results. Marcus says, "TM has these immediate results because the technique is so efficient, unlike the many difficult forms of meditation that require focusing---either on the breath, the heartbeat, or other body sensations, or on some object."

Marcus says, “we all marvel when a scientist has a breakthrough in his research, or a businessman sees a solution that others don’t see. Sometimes that is known as the ‘aha’ phenomenon or ‘breakthrough thinking.’ Now we know that it is not just a matter of good genetics, but that this type of brain can be developed.”

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The Coherence Effect book (Armin Lear Press, 2020) co-authored by Jay Marcus and two scientists on the importance of the TM technique on the coherent functioning of the brain and body.

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