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This book provides investigative professionals with the confidence to investigate intellectual property theft, infringement, and piracy

Raise awareness to the magnitude of the Global IP theft problem and provide training to protect, investigate, disrupt, dismantle and deter IP theft and infringement.”
— Ronald J. Alvarez
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 4, 2021 / -- Questions answered in this book:
• What is IP?
• What is IP theft and infringement?
• What is counterfeiting and piracy?
• What is patent trolling, copyright trolling, and trade secrets theft?
• How is IP theft carried out?
• What are the global economic consequences of IP theft?
• What are the health and safety consequences of counterfeiting?
• How to protect IP?
• How to investigate IP theft and infringement?

This book will initially give protection and investigative professionals an introduction to the Global IP theft/infringement problem, followed by a working understanding of the different ways IP crimes are committed and the strategies used to protect and investigate theft when it occurs.

The protection and investigative professional will come to recognize the many ways they can use their experience and skills to effectively participate in the fight against IP theft and infringement.

I initially presented the material in a Q & A format so that the reader has the experience of conversing/interviewing the author about the global IP theft epidemic.

It introduces strategies used to protect IP, as well as the ways and means theft and infringement occurs and is investigated.
The book will present:

1. Introduction to the global IP theft epidemic
2. What constitutes a specific type of IP
3. Theft and Infringement case studies
4. Strategies used to protect and investigate suspected/confirmed theft or infringement
5. The critical role of IP protection specialists and investigators

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