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$FIMI Token and Fimi Market NFT Platform Set To Level the Playing Field for Creative Artists

Fimi Market Inc. is launching presale of the $FIMI token, the main utility token of their game-changing NFT Marketplace which is set to launch early 2022

Career independence is one of Fimi ’s cornerstones.”
— Miguel Adwin, CEO
NY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 / -- $FIMI Token and Fimi Market NFT Platform Set To Level the Playing Field for Creative Artists

Non-fungible token (“NFT”) market growth has reached unprecedented heights in 2021. Numerous NFT projects have been launched, but the Fimi Marketplace and $FIMI token stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Fimi (pronounced “Fih-me”) is a Jamaican term which means "for me.” This pride in ownership, is a thread that runs throughout the platform and is passed on to the burgeoning list of artists that have signed on. The Fimi Market NFT Platform exists to provide artists a space to showcase and sell their work as NFTs.

“Career independence is one of Fimi ’s cornerstones. For years, the creative industry has been dominated by gatekeepers and Fimi is poised to remove the power divide and enable artists and purchasers to completely own rights and profits to their products,” says CEO Miguel Adwin.  "Being able to work on building an NFT Platform and Token that seeks to change the way artists, collectors, and buyers alike can thrive and succeed in this space is incredible" adds CBO John Savoia, "I'm honored to be a part of it all and build something truly special" he added.

The $FIMI token (“$FIMI”) is a cryptocurrency token developed on the Stellar Blockchain. This allows it to benefit from Stellar’s consistency, speed and reliability.  $FIMI is the native utility token of the Fimi Market NFT Platform and was created to provide marketplace participants with a faster, cheaper method of creating and transferring NFTs. The developers of Fimi Market have taken it a step further to not only include the native $FIMI token but enable minting on multiple blockchains in addition to purchasing your NFT using over a hundred different cryptocurrencies. Buyers who wish to purchase NFTs using $FIMI and sellers who wish to receive payment for their NFTs in $FIMI will experience a discount on the standard transaction fees of the platform, making using $FIMI more enticing.   

Capitalizing on the sweet spot between scarcity and utility; $FIMI token has a locked low supply of 32 million ensuring that no additional tokens can be created. Low supply means a higher demand, thereby increasing the utility of $FIMI. The Brawta Rewards program has the distinction of being one the most generous for early participants; who, as a result, will be able to enjoy the Fimi NFT Marketplace even more. The Fimi developers are playing the long game and riding the NFT wave to support artists.

On November 8, 2021, Fimi Market’s presale will go live, giving people an opportunity to buy $FIMI at ground level. For information on how to participate in the presale visit

The Fimi Market NFT Platform launch date is scheduled for Q1 2022.

Diana O'Gilvie, Communications Manager
Fimi Market Inc.
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