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Celeris Therapeutics, the Pioneer in AI-driven Degrader Design, Builds Laboratories in Austria

Adds ~25 new jobs, building on 20 created in 2021. Increases capacity and efficiency of AI-based drug discovery capabilities in chemistry and biology.

GRAZ, STYRIA, AUSTRIA, November 1, 2021 / -- Celeris Therapeutics, Inc., the pioneer in AI-driven degrader discovery, today announced the start of their lab construction site in Graz, Austria.

CelerisTx develops a proprietary platform based on machine learning to predict the biomolecular interactions involved in a novel therapeutic modality that induces targeted protein degradation to degrade pathogenic proteins causing untreatable diseases. CelerisTx's drug pipeline covers several neurological indications, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, oncology, and aging-related diseases.

"With the 500 square meters of laboratory space, CelerisTx is evolving from a computational platform provider to an early-stage biotech company operating from molecule generation to lead optimization to IND filing. I am proud to announce this milestone for partners, investors, colleagues, and humankind.", says Christopher Trummer, the CEO and Co-Founder. 

CelerisTx implements a chemical lab to synthesize novel drugs and a biological lab for assays, validations, cell cultures, and molecular biology. 

With this site, CelerisTx can cover the development until the preclinical phase in-house. The facility will be ready in February 2022 and will take an initial investment of 2 million euros.

"Drug development and discovery is our added value to the world. Having the essential wet lab set up to accelerate the biological validation of our compounds is consequently a critical milestone and will bring value to the region with many new workplaces.", says Jakob Hohenberger, CFO/COO, and Co-Founder.

CelerisTx runs 5 promising wholly-owned drug discovery programs.

Neuro I against Parkinson's close to the Lead Optimization. Neuro II against Alzheimer's, two oncology programs, and one aging-related program. The upcoming PK/PD results for Neuro I will be published in Q1 2022.

About Celeris Therapeutics

Celeris Therapeutics is a tech-enabled early-stage drug discovery company that uses innovative, computer-based methods to develop degrader drugs for currently undruggable pathogenic proteins that are related to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, various types of cancers, and other diseases.

Celeris Therapeutics' technical solution is the platform Celeris One. Celeris Therapeutics offers collaboration with pharma and biotech companies to jointly work on drugs against unmet medical needs and develops its own in-house drug pipeline.

Celeris Therapeutics has offices in Menlo Park, CA, and Graz, Austria.

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