www.bsbltyping.com Relax the 100% Accuracy Requirement For Their Cash Prize Speed Typing Competitions

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The leader in online cash prize speed typing competitions has made it easier for competitors to win their Fastest Typist competitions.

To allow for little slip ups, starting Sunday 24th October 2021, all of our Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions will rank Accuracy scores of 98.5% and higher as being the same.”
— Tony Rust - Managing Direct Better Skills, Better Life Ltd
BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The management at Better Skills, Better Life Limited, the company behind the biggest regular Speed Typing Cash Prize Competitions website on the Internet, www.bsbltyping.com, have announced changes to their scoring system.

A spokesperson for bsbltyping.com explained, “Our competitors include the Fastest Typists in the World and our scoreboards reflect the skill and quality of these amazingly skilled people. We listen to their feedback and they have said that our current scoring system is causing competitors to have to concentrate on not making even one single mis-key or they could lose the competition, even though they can type faster than the competitor who scored, say, 100% accuracy but with a much lower score. “

“We understand that argument and so we’ve updated our bsbltyping.com competition rules so as to allow for those little slip-ups that even the best fast typists make.

From Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition No.83, starting Sunday 24th October 2021, all of our Cash Prize Fastest Typist Competitions will rank all Accuracy scores of 98.5% and higher as being the same.”

“This means that we will no longer have the situation where a score of 100 WPM with 100% accuracy ranks higher than 180 WPM with 99% accuracy. From now on, the odd mis-keying won’t stop your fast WPM score from ranking in 1st Place because you don’t have to score an absolute 100% accuracy to be sure of winning.”

“This applies to our Weekly £10, Monthly £30 and all of our £50, £100 and £200 BIG MATCHES”.

The rule change takes effect in the November 2021 Monthly £30 Fastest Typist Competition No.17 and the forthcoming November Weekly Champions £100 Big Match No.1.

www.bsbltyping.com is the biggest cash prize speed typing competition website on the Internet, hosting regular weekly and monthly cash prize fastest typist competitions and sending prize money all over the world. The higher prize money competitions are structured according to a league system of Winners Champions and Hall of Famers.
A note about the BIG MATCHES
• Winners Big Match – held every ten new unique Winners
• Champions Big Match – held every ten new unique Champions
• Famers Big Match – held every seven new unique Famers

*All keystroke data is stored in The BSBL Infinite Keystroke Database for validation and analytical purposes.

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October 2021 World's Fastest Typist Maciej, typing at 179 WPM, 97.04% accuracy