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Solay Rad is Leading Affluent Men Away From Emotional Bankruptcy

Mant wealthy and affluent men quietly suffer from the pain of never-ending cycles of dissatisfaction... Solay Rad is on a mission to help men fix that.

Making a million won't cure your misery!”
— Solay Rad
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, October 28, 2021 / -- There is a startling yet common trend amongst seemingly "well off" affluent men of all ages... That is the absolutely terrifying feeling of never-ending boredom, which leads to a revolving door of bad habits. Some call it chasing the dragon, but many affluent men of all ages and ethnicity find themselves chasing: Women, substances, more money, etc, in an attempt to satisfy their hunger for happiness and fulfillment... Solay Rad, founder of the Men Of Means movement knows about this struggle from firsthand experience.

Solay Rads life began in the war-torn past of Iran. Rad's early life was anything but affluent, living mostly inside of a bomb shelter and barely scraping by. Luckily, Solay and his family were able to escape the perils of explosives, and find refuge in the vastly different yet shockingly safer United States of America. Solay Rad began working as a young teen, and as an adult transitioned into the field of personal finance. By age 34 he was making over a million dollars a year, and started becoming recognized as one of Los Angeles's top financial advisors. He truly came from rags to riches, and was living what some call "The American Dream". However Rad realized, that despite his monetary success, and his hard-earned status, that something was missing. He felt bogged down by stress, shame, and personal responsibility.

Many people may think money buys happiness, but Solay experienced first-hand, that making a million dollars doesn't make your misery go away. Solay Rad embarked on a new journey, spending over $500,000 on research, personal life coaches, plant medicine, and finding fulfilment, and after working with the most innovative and radical minds of the century, has developed a formula and process that works.

Now, after finding fulfillment for himself, Solay Rad is on a mission to educate other men like him, and help them find fulfillment in their life. Solay has successfully helped and inspired countless men who are successful and wealthy, but dissatisfied in their personal lives; wrestling with addiction, cyclical bad habits, and unhealthy approaches to finding fulfillment.

Solay Rad is on a mission... The objective? Help successful men become spiritually healthier, happier, and fully fulfilled in their lives.

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